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ACI Launches a Guide to Airport Performance Measures

Montreal, 27 February 2012 – Airports Council International is pleased to announce the release of a Guide to Airport Performance Measures. This Guide provides airport managers with an overview and better understanding of the Key Performance Areas (KPAs) that can be used to assess the individual strengths and weaknesses of airports

Based on six KPAs, this Guide provides a means of assessing airport performance in the following areas: Core, Safety and Security, Service Quality, Productivity/Cost Effectiveness, Finance/Commercial and Environmental. In addition, the Guide makes reference to several performance indicators within each KPA to address the wide range of possible airport scenarios in terms of aviation activities, commercial activities, site constraints, and governance and ownership structure.
According to Rafael Echevarne, ACI Director of Economics and Programme Development, “While airports value benchmarking as a powerful analytical tool to situate airport performance in relation to objectives, and evaluate achievements in relation to peer performance, this Guide clearly defines each measure, discusses the factors that drive results, defines when and where the measure is applicable and the strengths and weaknesses of each as a benchmarking tool.”

  Overview of Key Performance Areas
Core measures are used to characterize airports, including the number of passengers and type of operations.
Safety and Security
Safety and Security have their own KPAs as they represent the most important areas of responsibility for airports.
Service Quality
Service Quality is an important area for airports that operate in competitive environments.
Productivity and Efficiency track the output of airports, including those that are non-cost based, such as passengers per airport employee, to those that are cost based, such as operating cost per passenger.
Financial and Commercial represent airport charges, airport financial strength and sustainability, and the performance of individual functions.
Environmental represents the efforts of airports to minimize their environmental impacts.
The release of the Guide to Performance Measures is the first step for Airports Council International in the development of Key Performance Indicators. These indicators will permit airports to derive meaningful and relevant scores for each performance area and use these figures as the basis for comparison with other airports.
To download a copy of the Guide to Airport Performance Measures, please click here: or visit the following page on our Web site: Home » Priorities » Airport Economics which can be accessed from
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