The ACI Intelligence Hub is a cutting-edge data intelligence platform providing the highest accuracy and coverage of commercial airport traffic data.

Easily monitor traffic, rankings, cargo, and passenger movements with our platform—for your strategic planning and decision-making.


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Key Features

Directly sourced, high coverage data

Our platform provides data directly from airports, ensuring reliable and comprehensive insights. We cover up to 95% of civilian air traffic globally* .

Interactive traffic visualizations

Experience our user-friendly interface, designed to simplify the navigation of complex data. Our reports offer clear, actionable insights without the need for complicated spreadsheets.

Customized raw data reports

Tailor data reports to suit your needs. Whether you're monitoring passenger flows, cargo volumes, or airport rankings, the platform can meet your unique requirements for analysis.

* Approximately 85% coverage in the PAX Flash, and up to 90% in Monthly World Air Transport Report (MWATR) and 95% in annual World Air Transport Report (WATR).


Platform updates: What's new

Enhanced user experience

Enjoy a user-friendly, simplified interface to seamlessly browse comprehensive data.

New ranking dashboard

Explore global airport industry insights with a brand new interactive ranking dashboard.

More flexible pricing and self-serve platform

Accessible plans and services tailored to your needs.

More quickly refreshed publications and reports

Save up to 50% of the time to receive the latest airport data and reports compared to previous iHub.

Our platform is designed for:

The ACI Intelligence Hub caters to a wide range of professionals in the air transport and travel ecosystem, including:

Airport operators

Aviation investors

Business development teams

Academic researchers

Other travel stakeholders

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Discover the modules

Executive Module

Access interactive dashboards for an overview of the airport industry worldwide.
Use the dashboard to view metrics for passengers, cargo, and aircraft movements on a global, regional, sub-regional and country level.

Library Module

Gain valuable insights with access to the latest industry publications and reports.
Benefit from monthly reports and publication archives.

Analyst Module

Explore annual and monthly datasets of airport traffic for over 2,500 airports in more than 180 countries and territories.
Access and interact with the most current passenger and cargo data available any time.
Filter, aggregate, and analyze data to meet your unique needs. Ideal to conduct analysis across a mixture of datasets.
Access historical datasets from 2000-2018 capturing passenger and cargo trends pre-COVID

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