ACI is constantly active in the field of standards and procedures for safe airport operations. The operational and technical portfolio looks at the processes and operations that apply to the terminal and airside areas, as well as aspects of airport business operations for airport managers to develop an in depth understanding of all the different aspects of airport.

Airport Operations Programs

Airport Operations Diploma

The Airport Operations Diploma Program is designed to expose participants to all the facets of activities associated with an airport from airside operations and landside to terminal operations, and equip them with key knowledge and tools necessary to proactively address the essential operational and business needs of 21st century airports.

Airport Operations and Technical Courses

Instructor-led courses

Master the intricacies of airport operations—from terminal to airside, learn to balance safety, service, and profitability.

Find out about the various elements to be considered when adapting airport operations and drone operations to each other.

Unlock the power of collaboration in airport operations—learn A-CDM to streamline decision-making, reduce delays, and enhance efficiency.

Master airfield operations with precision—understand ICAO Annex 14 standards, safety culture, and wildlife management intricacies.

Learn how to create comprehensive Airport Master Plans, harmonizing safety, operational efficacy, and financial viability.

Gain proficiency in optimizing airport operations, elevating customer experiences, and navigating industry transformations with expertise.

Enhance airport efficiency strategically—empower your capacity planning skills to elevate operations without massive infrastructure investment.

As Air Traffic Flow Management evolved, learn the pivotal role of A-CDM in optimizing aviation operations.

ACI-endorsed courses

Self-paced online courses

Upcoming Operations and Technical Course Sessions

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"Wish that all personnel under the Airport Integrated Command and Control Center (AICCC) experience the same learning experience the way we have experienced."

- Segundo Magbitang (Terminal Operations Officer A, Manila International Airport Authority) - Airport Collaborative Decision Making

"He had prepared my course very well as the instructor. I could understand the contents of all session very clearly."

- Kwangjoo Kim (Assistant Manager, Incheon International Airport Corporation) - Airport Master Planning

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