A Joint ACI-ICAO Professional Accreditation Program

Airport management, as a profession, has been faced with growing pressure to establish ways and means of promoting its credibility and ensuring an appropriate degree of standardisation of related expertise globally. ACI and ICAO established a formal partnership to provide accessible, affordable and universally available specialised management training to the global airports community. This initiative gave birth to the Airport Management Professional Accreditation Program (AMPAP).

Successful completion of the Program leads to the issuance of the International Airport Professional (IAP) designation whose holders are recognised by ACI and ICAO as having achieved highly rigorous standards for expertise in the field of airport management.

IAP graduates who are willing to keep current on policies, standards, processes and challenges that face the industry will be eligible to have their efforts rewarded with the new IAP+ designation. Candidates will have to apply for accreditation by completing activities outlined in the guidelines.

The ACI/ICAO IAP designation for airport professionals introduced a new way to stay current concerning initiatives throughout the industry. IAP+ indicates an ongoing commitment from graduates who are continually mastering areas within the airport community.

How does it work?


Graduates who have completed their designation before 2019 are eligible to apply for the IAP+ at any time by submitting their proof and approved activities. A total of 100 points must be completed in order to attain the reaccreditation. For those who graduated prior to 2019, a period of 5 years will be granted from 2019 to submit their 100 points.

New graduates

Upon graduation, graduates have 5 years to apply for the IAP+ accreditation.

**Graduates who do not complete their 100 points by the designated 5 years will have the opportunity to attend the ACI/ICAO reaccreditation course, providing up-to-date knowledge for professionals.

Get your IAP +

Whether you take a course, give a speech or teach a seminar, each activity carries points. The wide range of activities ensures that graduates do not have to incur any additional expense. An alternate option will be to take the IAP+ ACI/ICAO reaccreditation course which be offered starting in 2020 for the full 100 points.

List of activities

Board Membership
Executive Education
Conference & Webinar
Peer Review

ACI AMPAP Fellowships

ACI has established the Airport Management Professional Accreditation Programme (AMPAP) fellowship programme to provide financial aid to qualified applicants from member airports of Least Developed Countries (UNCTAD list) and States to register for this programme.

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