Airports are stable providers of infrastructure assets, even in the sometimes turbulent aviation industry. While airports and airlines are intrinsically linked and rely on one another to operate efficiently, they are based on different business models. Airlines are able to move quickly and respond to changes in traffic flows by leasing or retiring capacity. Airports, on the other hand, must make long-term planning decisions to safeguard capacity sometimes 50 years into the future. From user charges regulations to non aeronautical revenues, ACI offers different training programs in this area to support its members.

Airport Economics Programs

Airport Finance Diploma

The ACI Airport Finance Diploma aims to provide participants a detailed understanding of the diversity of issues airports face in managing financial resources.

Boost your airport's strategic objectives by mastering financial governance with valuable insights from ICAO and ACI guidance.

Master global airport charge policies with ACI and ICAO—your key to compliant and strategic practices.

Maximize airport revenue using global best practices, strategic marketing, and innovative outreach methods.

Airport Economics Courses

Instructor-led courses

Equip your airport teams with essential guidance, blending theory, and real-world case studies.

Gain valuable skills to attract partners, refine marketing strategies, and maximize revenue.

Attract and retain air services—boost your airport's revenue, economic growth, and regional development.

Revolutionize airport revenue—learn global best practices, innovate marketing, and thrive in a changing environment.

Learn how to develop an effective Air Service Development plan to ensure that air service development efforts are focused on the airlines and routes that are of greatest importance.

Explore principles, business models, and best practices to excel in airport revenue generation.

Navigate the dynamic airport business landscape—master data-driven decision-making tools for strategic success in the industry.

Navigate the skies of airport forecasting—gain vital skills to project demand, optimize infrastructure, and boost revenues.

Develop skills to increase revenues, analyze markets, and apply effective commercial strategies by mastering customer-centric marketing.

Self-paced online courses

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"Enjoyed the course and felt like the content and course work was manageable with my workload."

- Tracey Wright (Vice President Aviation, WSP) - ACI-ICAO User Charges

"The instructor maintains slots very meticulously and engaged participants focusing on the contents of the course."

- Prasanta Kumar Chakraborty (Director, Civil Aviation Academy of Bangladesh) - Airport Concession Management

"Paul did a great job explaining the basic foundation of user charges. He was extremely helpful with answering questions and providing examples to real world applications. "

- Bud Geng (Project Manager II, Denver International Airport) - ACI-ICAO User Charges

"Very pleased with the course content and structure - would highly recommend anyone in the airport concession industry consider taking this for professional development or a simple refresher on the key fundamentals of the business."

- Nick Covelli (Concessions Concourse Manager, Denver International Airport) - Airport Concession Management

"This was informative and thought provoking. The information shared will assist in the performance of my duties for my organisation. "

- Joanna Fridy (Marketing Manager, Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago) - Air Service Recovery Overview

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