ACI provides accreditation programs created to support member airports worldwide in various topics of interest. 

Developed with the support of internal and/or external subject matter experts, including from international organizations, consultants, and government agencies, our accreditations encourage continuous improvement in the industry.

Participating airports are accompanied during the accreditation process and supported to close potential gaps and achieve excellence in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

Accreditation benefits for airports

Keep up to date with regulations and recommended practices in the industry.
Showcase your airport’s priorities and efforts in specific areas.
Implement a cycle of continuous improvement supported and guided by a team of experts.
Improve business results by decreasing the risk of operational disruption and/or increasing potential revenue.

Accreditation process

Airport requests/renews accreditation
Email request to ACI World or ACI Region

Airport performs self-assessment
Airport submits a comprehensive questionnaire and supporting evidence

Online validation interview
ACI conducts an online interview to discuss the information submitted

Accreditation / recommendations
Accreditation is awarded or tailored recommendations are made considering the constraints of each airport

Ongoing review
ACI provides updates and performs light reviews. Airports submit regular self-assessments.

At the end of the validity period, airports can renew their accreditation by following the process above once more.

Public Health & Safety Readiness (PHSR) Accreditation


Prepare your airport today in the event of a future public health crisis

This accreditation program evaluates how aligned an airport’s public health and safety measures are with ICAO, ACI, and industry guidance and recommendations.

This program builds on the previous Airport Health Accreditation (AHA) accreditation program, which helped over 400 airports on their path to recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic, but  with a proactive approach and higher focus in planning and emergency management, rather than implementing specific reactive measures.

Accessibility Enhancement Accreditation (AEA) Accreditation


Showcase your airport’s accessibility and inclusive culture

This accreditation program provides airport with a continuous path of improvement in the area of accessibility for passengers with disabilities.

It is the only international accreditation program dedicated to airport accessibility for passengers with disabilities.

For questions about any of these accreditation programs, email