ACI World is the unrivaled authority on airport data and statistics worldwide. We collect, analyze, and share vital airport and industry data, including passenger and cargo traffic, aircraft movements, rankings, and more.

To support the airport operations and activities of ACI members and to underpin our advocacy on important industry issues on their behalf, we produce policy briefs, guidelines, custom data reports, and publications that provide essential insights into industry benchmarks, trends, forecasts, and statistics.

This evidence-based approach informs ACI World’s work on global airport policy development to ensure policies and regulations reflect the interests of our members and contribute to the economic growth and sustainability of airports around the world.

ACI World Data Centre and Reports

ACI Custom Traffic Data Solutions

ACI offers customized traffic data packages on:

Total Aircraft Movements

Passenger and Combi Aircraft

All-Cargo Aircraft

Total Air Transport Movements

General Aviation and Other Aircraft Movements

Total Commercial Passengers

International Passengers (enplaned + deplaned)

Domestic Passengers (enplaned + deplaned)

Total Terminal Passengers

Direct Transit Passengers

Total Cargo (Freight & Mail) in Metric tonnes

International Freight (loaded + unloaded)

Domestic Freight (loaded + unloaded)

Total Freight

Mail (loaded + unloaded)

Airport questionnaires and industry overview

ACI Insights

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