ACI takes a very active role in informing regulatory authorities of the impact of new security rules, helping to shape those rules and ensuring that changes in security are communicated to airport authorities. ACI’s training products in this key operational functional area will provide airports with the relevant and up to date knowledge to ensure compliance with current regulations.

Airport Security Programs

Airport Security Diploma

The ACI Airport Security Diploma provides participants with a broad and detailed understanding of implementing and maintaining a security framework that complies with national and international regulations and airport industry best practices.

Advance your skills to implement proactive measures in line with industry best practices set by ICAO and ACI.

Master threat-aware measures, engage stakeholders, and develop effective Standard Operating Procedures for success at your airport.

Learn to implement quality management, continuous improvement, and industry-leading practices for excellence. 

Airport Security Courses

Instructor-led courses

Enhance your threat identification skills for safer civil aviation with practical, hands-on learning.

Get an appreciation of the way in which behavioural analysis techniques can identify people who might threaten the aviation industry.

Unlock risk assessment expertise—elevate your aviation security skills with practical tools for effective and efficient measures.

Learn the best practices for creating and implementing a high standard of customer service whilst maintaining established airport security protocols.

Enhance airport accessibility—acquire insights into addressing the unique needs of passengers with disabilities during security screening.

Self-paced online courses

Upcoming Security Course Sessions

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"Excellent course delivery and knowledge."

- Joseph Wachira (AVSEC Supervisor, Biznis Intel) - ACI-ICAO Management of Airport Security


"Excellent and great course. One of the best I have had."

- Joohyung Lee (Deputy Security Director, Incheon International Airport Corporation) - ACI-ICAO Management of Airport Security

"Nice course to learn so many things."

- Md. Rizwan Mahmud (Security Instructor, Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh) - Quality Management in Airport Security

"Instructor demonstrated specialization in the field of cargo security besides being well versed in the other assigned topics."

- Noel Libano (Security Compliance Officer, Macau International Airport) - Airport Security Operations

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