Service quality for passengers at airports has been a key concern of ACI since it was founded in 1991. The ACI World Facilitation Standing Committee has developed global facilitation standards that are essential ingredients in providing a more pleasant and seamless airport experience. These substantive accomplishments as well as the increasingly competitive environment in which airports operate prompted the ACI World Governing Board to define customer service as one of six primary targets of ACI activities. In support of this key initiative, ACI has partnered with key stakeholders to develop training products in this area.

Airport Customer Experience Designations

The Airport Customer Experience Professional Designations (ACED) are an integral part to develop staff involved in the ASQ Airport Customer Experience Accreditation program, and to ensure they are proficient and qualified to lead the implementation of a customer experience strategy.

Airport Customer Experience Courses

Instructor-led courses

Elevate your airport's performance by harmonizing mission, brand, and customer service to boost satisfaction, revenue, and stakeholder engagement.

Analyze your airport's PRM program, identify shortcomings, and craft solutions to elevate your standards and ensure a seamless customer experience for all travellers.

Enhance your airport's success by developing strategic, airport-wide customer service programs to ensure stakeholder buy-in, motivate staff, and drive passenger traffic.

Unlock the secrets and gain profound know-how to seamlessly integrate PXM into the customer journey, focus on key factors, and align it strategically with your company—ensuring an elevated and unforgettable customer experience for all travelers.

Dive into industry best practices and case studies, applying key concepts from leading airports to enhance the customer experience and achieve tangible results.

Self-paced online courses

*AMPAP and ASP electives

Upcoming Customer Experience Course Sessions

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"Joanne is a fantastic instructor. Very knowledgeable on the subject, and also has a great teaching style for on-line courses, which can be quite difficult."

- Amy Carroll (Manager of IT Business Operations, Denver International Airport) - Developing a Customer Service Culture

"It's a very good base regarding the "Passenger Experience" topic, lots of helpful tools and insight on current development."

- Sergej Bucciolini (Passenger Experience, Aéroport de Bâle-Mulhouse) - Passenger Experience Management

"I am glad that I have taken Joanne's class. There is so much to learn from her and I appreciated the way she approached teaching."

- Umay Dinçcan (A-CDM Deputy Manager, IGA Istanbul Airport) - Developing a Customer Service Culture

"Overall it is good. Thanks ACI for provide us a very good instructor to deliver this course which is important to us."

- Ms.Thanwathida Thongchim (Head) - Security and Facilitation

"After the course, I think I have a broader vision of Customer Experience/ Customer Service and it has given me some tools to improve the performance of our airports. Without a doubt, it is a very attractive and useful course for airport professionals."

- Mirian Garcia (Business Plan Analyst, Ferrovial Airports) - Developing a Customer Service Culture

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