Dedicated airport employees who value and recognize the importance of service quality are essential to the success of an airport’s customer experience.

Employee Survey for Customer Experience provides comprehensive data to help airports understand and measure employee and stakeholder motivations, engagement, and commitment. The survey complements our customer surveys and identifies priority improvement areas to foster a positive customer experience culture among airport employees and stakeholders.

Objectives of the survey

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Assess employee commitment and engagement
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Determine priority improvement areas
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Evaluate the success of customer experience measures
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Build a positive customer experience culture

In 2018, over half of the world's 8.8 billion travellers passed through an ASQ airport

Employee Survey for Customer Experience

Employee Survey is intended for all airport employees, including frontline workers and office staff, and is self-administered online.


For customers
Improved airport experience through better interface with airport employees.
For employees and stakeholders
Better understanding of the need to increase commitment/engagement to achieve the feeling of valued contribution and belonging to the airport community.
For airports
Capture the voice of employees/stakeholders annually, prioritize areas of improvements to increase their productivity and retention, measure their progression.
Unified pursuit of a seamless customer experience.
Benchmark customer experience initiatives and share best practice.
Cross-reference data with other surveys conducted to maximize understanding and optimize the prioritization of improvements.
Actionable recommendations to increase employee engagement for customer experience regarding communication, rules and procedures as well as recognition issues for example.
Survey scope

The Employee Survey for Customer Experience measures employee and stakeholder commitment through the following:

Desire to contribute to the vision and mission of the airport and increase customer satisfaction
Ability to act quickly to satisfy customers
Determination to build positive relationships with customers and colleagues

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