Short Tutorial Course
Delivery: Virtual Classroom
Duration: 1 day (4 hours)

Drone (UAVs, RPAs, RPAS, etc.) operations have emerged as significant disruptors, especially near airports. Current airspace designations and classifications were done decades ago, without considering unmanned operations, especially close to the ground. This short course will introduce and discuss various elements to be considered when adapting airport operations and drone operations to each other.

Learning objectives

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe several unmanned airspace user mission categories.
  • Describe several areas where unmanned aircraft operations can be performed without adversely affecting manned aircraft.
  • Describe several areas where unmanned aircraft operations need to be de-conflicted from manned aircraft.
  • Describe overlapping regulatory that may apply to unmanned aircraft operations.
  • Describe how existing airspace classifications can be adapted to accommodate unmanned aircraft operations.

Target Audience

  • Civil Aviation Authority personnel
  • Airport Operations Directors, Managers, Officers and Staff
  • Airspace users: pilots, unmanned aircraft (drone) operators, airline staff
  • Air Navigation Service Provider personnel
  • Airport planners

Course Content

  • Manned aircraft flight operations near airports.
  • Unmanned aircraft flight operations near airports.
  • Balancing the needs of unmanned and manned aircraft mission requirements.
  • Possible airspace classification changes.
  • Engaging with local population.
  • Engaging with regulators and service providers.

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