Professional Certificate Course
Delivery: Classroom
Duration: 3 days


This course provides participants with the principles upon which airport management can establish and maintain a successful cybersecurity program.  The class emphasizes the inter-organizational resources needed to address cybersecurity in the modern airport environment and the need for a multi-discipline approach.  It is a non-technical course, focusing on aviation industry best practices and stresses the importance of basic tools such as risk assessment, cybersecurity governance and strategic planning, and business continuity and disaster recovery.

The course uses the information found in the ACI “Cybersecurity for Airport Executives Handbook”, as well as material from global organizations disseminating industry standards and best practices for cybersecurity,

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the regulatory framework for cybersecurity in the aviation industry and the current standards and frameworks used in the cybersecurity environment;
  • Develop a cybersecurity program in their airport environment;
  • Apply the principles of confidentiality, integrity and availability to its airport technology environment;
  • Apply the concept of risk assessment, including threat modeling, in the airport environment;
  • Review the techniques for basic threat prevention and response;
  • Analyse the steps necessary for detecting and responding to cyber attacks;
  • Understand the importance of the interrelationship between physical and cybersecurity; and how to use this connection for the airport’s protection;
  • Implement the principles and importance of disaster recovery and business continuity.

Target Audience

  • Airport department heads and management team
  • Public safety staff
  • Airport legal counsel
  • Local government officials
  • Chief Information Officers and IT Directors

Course content

  • Global Aviation Standards and Recommended Practices
  • International Cybersecurity Standards and Frameworks
  • Establishing an Airport Cybersecurity Policy and Program
  • Risk and Asset Management Concepts
  • Basics of Preventative Measures
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Strategic Planning for Cybersecurity
    • Continuous Monitoring Program
  • The intersection between Cyber and Physical security

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