Technical Issues: Documentation

Common Agreement Document Boeing 777-8/-9 Airport Compatibility Group (BACG2)

ACI again chaired the second Boeing Airport Compatibility Group, for the 777X with folding wingtips, due to enter service in 2020. The Common Agreement Document has been published in May 2018 and is available here.  It has been recognized as appropriate guidance material by a number of Civil Aviation Authorities.

Common Agreement document - Boeing 747-8 Airport Compatibility Group (BACG)

This group has produced the "Common Agreement Document" of the BACG in late 2008, which has been recognized by a number of CAAs as appropriate guidance to assist with the B747-8's imminent entry to service.

Common Agreement Document of the A380 Airport Compatibility Group (AACG)

ACI has chaired the following industry working group which has contributed to airport design: A380 Airport Compatibility Group (AACG). This group published a "Common Agreement Document" in 2002 to assist the entry into service of the A380. The document was signed by several Civil Aviation Authorities, and has been implemented or used as reference material by a larger number of states.