Safety Data Collection

The effective management of safety is highly dependent on the availability of safety information. Access to data is fundamental for determining where priorities areas should be and what efforts are needed to support the interests of the airport industry within the international regulatory bodies and stakeholders.

On November 2018, ACI-World has launched a global Airport safety data collection program which will be the only worldwide safety data-gathering exercise covering airports.

Airports are therefore required to submit their data to support the development of safety intelligence in order to improve safety. ACI has released a form to fill for this purpose.


Key benefits for the airport industry

  • Will provide meaningful information and actionable intelligence
  • Actionable safety intelligence helps in prioritizing and taking better-informed safety decisions.
  • Facilitates a global approach in identification of hazards, risks and trends that are beyond the view of a single service provider.
  • The use of standardized indicators with well-defined taxonomy will allow establishing a baseline safety performance for airports.
  • Compiling such statistics will facilitate in representing airport interests accurately at global forums using data.

Key benefits for the individual airports

  • Contributing airports will be able to benchmark their safety performance globally and regionally and set their specific performance expectations.
  • Over time, airports will be able to benchmark against their own past performance.
  • Improve safety culture based on the benchmarking exercise using the data.
  • To thank you for your time, a complimentary copy of the final report will be provided to all participating airports.

For more information, please contact the ACI Safety team.