Aircraft Ground Energy System is a ground supply system that can provide both pre-flight electricity (400Hz) and pre-conditioned air (PCA) for aircrafts on the ground, thereby replacing the use of the aircraft APU for AGES.

AGES-Simulator offers:

A method to measure fuel reduction potential by replacing the use of the aircraft Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) for AGES.
An opportunity to evaluate the environmental and financial benefit of using AGES
An aid for developing a simple business case to support potential investment in AGES

What does AGES-Simulator (AGES-S) do?

AGES-S evaluates both environmental and economic benefits of substituting the use of the APU by AGES by calculating the reduction of fuel consumption.

What information does it provide?

AGES-S provides a snapshot of fuel savings and associated GHG emissions reduction, along with expected financial savings for aircraft and airport operators, based on a selected scenario.

In the simulation, there are three scenarios compared to the baseline:

Baseline – electricity and PCA from APU
Scenario 1: Electricity from mobile Ground Power Unit and PCA from APU
Scenario 2: Electricity from fixed AGES and PCA from APU
Scenario 3: Electricity and PCA from AGES

Who can use it?

Any airport, regardless of size or in-house expertise. Designed by airports for airports, this tool is available at no cost to airports. It does not require emissions or environmental expertise as only readily available operational data is needed.

What is the methodology used?

AGES-S uses the advanced approach of APU emissions calculation methodology in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)’s Doc 9889 Airport Air Quality Manual, based on aircraft type, turnaround cycle and capacity, PCA needs, and others.

AGES-S additional information

ACI encourages all airports using the AGES-S tool to participate in our data collection initiative. Enhancing the understanding of airports’ initiatives to limit environmental footprint is extremely important for better representation of airports’ interests.  For those who wish to participate, please share your experience and data related to AGES-S to us at This information will be kept confidential and only be shared in an aggregated format. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need any further clarification.

AGES-S should not be used in place of an actual metered data, or in place of any model required by local regulation.