Cyber Self-Assessment Tool

ACI’s cybersecurity self- assessment tool provides airport stakeholders with a snapshot of their Information Security management strengths and weaknesses. Based on International Standard (ISO 27002), this user-friendly tool provides best practice recommendations on information security management for use by those responsible for initiating, implementing or maintaining information security management systems (ISMS). It also provides the ability for airports benchmark themselves against others.


The assessment consists of 106 questions tailored to the airport environment which covers the eleven control areas most associated with airport functions. Once an assessment is completed by an airport, the Cybersecurity Self-Assessment Tool will provide a written report and summary score for each of the control areas, plus an over-all score for the airport.

Cyber self-assessment tool screenshot


For airports that wish to do so, the tool also enables airports to test their own maturity in cybersecurity against others, and also to measure progress against their previous performance year on year.


Any airport, from small to very large can gain a benefit from using the tool.

  1. Support your IT cybersecurity business plans and related IT internal budget approvals.
  2. Prioritize cybersecurity related IT projects within your organization.
  3. Establish a cybersecurity program based on a recognized international framework for cybersecurity -- ISO 27002.
  4. Benchmark your cybersecurity maturity level with other airports.
  5. Provide your airport the opportunity to be part of a useful network, the ACI Airport Cybersecurity Community.
  6. Supplement the cybersecurity program already ongoing within your organization.
  7. Help educate your airport stakeholders about Cybersecurity.
  8. And, most importantly, support your airport against Cyber-attack by identifying areas for focus.

To subscribe to the Cybersecurity Self-Assessment tool, please contact