In response to the growing threat of cybersecurity attacks around the world, impacting every industry, including airports, ACI World has developed a comprehensive offering on cybersecurity to help airports prepare for and mitigate cyber-attacks.


ACI offers both technical training through a partnership agreement with Munich Airport’s Information Security Hub, and a practical course for airport managers which covers the principles upon which a successful cybersecurity program is established and maintained.

Technical training includes, amongst others, Information Security Manager in Aviation, Incident Detection, Analysis and Response, Advanced Network Security and IoT Secure Design and Operation.


The Cybersecurity for Executives Handbook is intended to provide airport executives and other concerned airport senior management personnel with guidance on the basics of the management of cyber security. It is non-technical and provides an overview to senior management of the importance of cybersecurity to all airports and businesses.

The Cybersecurity implementation handbook helps airports understand best practices for addressing cybersecurity threats, from implementing a cybersecurity framework through to technical strategies.

Cybersecurity Self-Assessment Tool

ACI’s cybersecurity self-assessment tool provides airport stakeholders with a snapshot of their Information Security management strengths and weaknesses.

To subscribe to the Cybersecurity Self-Assessment tool, please contact

Cybersecurity Assistance

ACI has a team of experts with practical airport IT security experience ready to help airports understand their cybersecurity risk, improve their protective measures and build resilience to cybersecurity attack. For more information contact


ACI experts and members play an active role in cybersecurity in the work of ICAO at the global level by contributing to working groups and guidance materials. Airports wishing to understand more about global projects, standards and guidance may contact