Reports to: Senior Vice President, Programmes and Commercial Service

Supervises: Communications, and Marketing teams

Location: Montreal, Canada

I. Areas of Responsibility:

  • The Vice President of Communications and Marketing will be a member of the Leadership team. This is a strategic position and s/he will be required to contribute to the initiation and delivery of ACI World corporate policy, to be developed in cooperation with the ACI Regions.
  • The Vice President of Communications and Marketing will be required to prepare a strategic engagement plan to build ACI awareness in the general as well as specialist media: this to be done through traditional media and an updated modern digital approach including social media outlets. This plan to be managed, monitored and reported through KPIs to be developed by the Vice President of Communications and Marketing.
  • The Vice President of Communications and Marketing will undertake a strategic assessment of conferences, events and exhibitions currently being run by or on behalf of ACI World and the ACI Regions, and take stock of similar and/or competing events offered elsewhere. This should be used to support and as necessary develop existing ACI World events conferences and exhibitions such as the World Annual General Assembly and ACI Specialty Conferences.
  • The Vice President of Communications and Marketing will be expected to propose and develop new events and to prepare delivery plans to ensure that they are successful both financially and in terms of member focus
  • The Vice President of Communications and Marketing will be responsible for developing and promoting an internal communications strategy and for coordination with ACI Director General, ACI Regional Offices, ACI Directors, and membership including World Business Partners. S/he will also manage and drive the ACI World central marketing to support ACI World global products and services to plan, deploy and lead campaigns in collaboration with the other internal departments and especially in supporting the development of new markets and opportunities.
  • The Vice President of Communications and Marketing will manage and lead the production and delivery of the various ACI World publications, in collaborations with other ACI World departments and their subject matter experts.
  • The Vice President of Communications and Marketing will be required to bring a clear vision and strong leadership to a team of talented individuals.

II. Major Duties and Accountabilities:

  • Communications strategy and roadmap ACI World
    • Develop a new communications medium and long strategy to meet the requirements of the World Governing Board
    • Advise the Leadership team on measures that need to be taken to build an international voice of ACI
    • Ensure that there is clear guidance on the strategic ACI message through standardised branding, corporate messaging and style
    • Lead the communications team to bring together and promote exchange of differing levels of skill and areas of expertise.
    • Develop a business plan for the department and budget accordingly
    • Promote ACI objectives through the proactive development of media events, press releases, and interviews, and ensure that media releases and contributions to trade journals are attractive, targeted and appropriate to audience
    • Ensure that DG speeches and editorial materials are appropriate to audiences and provide assistance to ACI Regional Directors and others when required
    • Develop a corporate house branding style and ensure that it is consistently used across ACI, for example on handbooks, conference materials, brochures, booth material, banners.
  • Events
    • Take full responsibility for developing and promoting ACI World events including;
      • conception, proposal and promotion of existing and new events
      • collaboration and coordination with Regional Offices
      • relationship management with suppliers, partners and members
      • Direct or indirect (PCO) management of:
        • negotiations of hotel and venue contracts, event budget management and logistics.
        • on-site management
        • reconciliation of end of event finances and closing accounts
      • ensure that there is a systematic process for collecting lessons learned for future events
  • Marketing
    • Collaborate with leadership team and key stakeholders across the organization to define and integrate priority marketing strategies and align them with product roadmap, sales initiatives, and the overall growth strategy of the business.
    • Design, plan and execute innovative marketing campaigns in line with the organizational aspirations, needs of “internal clients” and determine and implement metrics to measure campaign effectiveness
    • Develop marketing and sales strategies, for ACI products and services.
    • Design marketing, advertising and promotional campaigns and activities; ensuring integrity for the ACI brand throughout all marketing execution.
    • Managing and reviewing the marketing budget
  • Member communications that contribute to building performance excellence
    • Strategic review of ACI World communications to members and World Business Partners
    • Develop new communications products that provide added value to the membership of ACI
    • Review the ACI Association Management System / Customer Relations Management AMS/CRM to ensure that the architecture is fit for purpose and that membership details are correct and up-to-date. This to be done in cooperation with ACI Regions.
    • Develop a mechanism to make sure that both ACI Membership and ‘World Business Partner’ contact information is continuously kept up to date
    • Ensure that website, newsletters, bulletins, and social media contacts are kept up-to-date, fresh, and relevant
    • Develop publications policy for member distribution and sales – and develop strategic relations to increase levels of distribution. Ensure that pricing is consistent with market demand.
    • Responsible for promoting “bundled” packages of ACI offerings, such as training with publications.
    • Promote ACI branded publications developed with partners (e.g., Global Forecasts, Journal of Airport Management)
  • Coordination with ACI Regions and industry partners
  • Ensure that there is cooperation and regular coordination with communications colleagues in the ACI Regions to ensure that key messages and positions, and coordinated advocacy efforts (content, scheduling, geographical balance) are agreed.
  • Increase effective coordination across industry with key partners such as ICAO, ATAG, IATA, CANSO and others to jointly promote issues of common interest.

III. Skills and Abilities:


  • Expert proficiency in English writing, speaking and presentation skills
  • Previous leadership roles in similar positions in the airport industry
  • Minimum 15 years’ experience in marketing and communications including international experience.
  • Experience across the full range of media relations including print, radio, TV, internet/ web, social media and other digital tools.
  • Proven experience in developing large-scale events from scratch, negotiating contracts, identifying and securing speakers, attracting attendees and delivering high-value outcomes.
  • Proven project management skills with expertise in the necessary software
  • Ability to work under pressure and to tight deadlines
  • Willingness to travel internationally


  • Masters degree in communications or similar
  • Journalistic experience
  • Knowledge of the broader international civil aviation industry
  • Language skills especially French and Spanish

IV. ACI World Values

  • Integrity
  • Member focus
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork

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