AMPAP gateway course
Delivery: On-site classroom
Duration: 5 days

The Global Air Mobility Systems (GAMS) is the required foundational course for AMPAP. GAMS engages participants in understanding the global role of commercial transport networks and the vital importance of the civil aviation industry in economic and social development at the national, regional, and international levels.

The course is forward-looking and will assist participants in recognizing the direction in which the industry must evolve. This strategic perspective has developed through long-standing ICAO consultation efforts with nation-state members that have, in recent years, prioritized sustainable industry development.

GAMS also covers the potential for Innovation Hubs to identify opportunities for rapid progress in multiple areas, including using technology, undertaking efforts to re-engineer processes, and considering the viability of alternative business models.

Target Audience

The AMPAP mandatory courses are open to participants who have been accepted in the AMPAP program.

Course Content

  • AMPAP Gateway Course Introduction
  • Global Commercial Transport Networks
  • Role of Civil Aviation
  • ICAO Strategic Priorities & Advisory Functions
  • Major Civil Aviation Organizations
  • Civil Aviation Industry Operational Structures
  • ICAO Sustainability Principles & Priorities
  • Internal Industry Challenges
  • External Industry Challenges
  • Innovation Hubs
  • Course Topic Exercise
  • Course Exam

This course is part of the Airport Management Professional Accreditation Program (AMPAP)

ACI and ICAO established a formal partnership to provide accessible, affordable and universally available specialized management training to the global airports community. This initiative gave birth to the Airport Management Professional Accreditation Program (AMPAP).

AMPAP mandatory courses

AMPAP elective courses

Candidates are required to self-select up to two approved electives courses. Due to their duration and commitment, the ACI-JMSB Airport Executive Leadership Program (AELP) and ICAO-JMSB Aviation Security Management Program (AvsecPM) each count as two electives.*

*Elective requirement is waived if the participant has successfully completed the ACI NA, US Airport Professional Program (USAP) or holds the Airport Accredited Executive AAE designation.

Completion Timeframe

All mandatory and elective courses must be completed within 3 years (36 months) of starting the Global Air Mobility Systems course.

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