Short tutorial course
Delivery: Virtual Classroom
Duration: 1 day (4 hours)

This course will give a general introduction to the topic of resilience and its relevance in crisis and uncertain situations. It will explore the key concepts and demonstrate their practical applicability and demonstrate some short exercises that participants can use in their daily and working lives.

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the nature of crises and uncertainty
  • To explore the importance of resilience
  • To introduce the Richmor Framework and how to use it in times of crisis and uncertainty
  • To develop strategies for managing self and others
  • To understand the leadership skills required in times of crisis and uncertainty
  • To explore “mental toughness” and why it is important

Target Audience

This short course is for those in leadership positions and for anyone interested in developing skills and mindset for coping with crises and uncertainty

Course content

  • The concept of resilience and why it is important
  • Dealing with immediate and extended crises
  • The Richmor Framework for dealing with uncertainty
  • Developing a proactive mindset
  • Strategic and critical thinking
  • Managing priorities
  • Leading in a crisis
  • Communicating in a crisis
  • Supporting others
  • Staying focused & calm
  • Taking care of one’s own well-being
  • Developing mental toughness
  • Key principles and tips for dealing with crisis and uncertainty

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