Professional Certificate Course
Delivery: Classroom
Duration: 3 days


A well-developed route network not only improves the function of an airport as a connecting point for the local economy to the rest of the world, but is the underlying factor that permits an airport’s commercial success. Incoming and outgoing air services, which builds cargo and passenger streams, will stimulate direct revenues and increase non-aeronautical revenues as well as the airport’s overall market value as a place to undertake airport / non-airport related business activities. Within this context, the course provides participants with the understanding of how to effectively approach and support airline decisions to serve your airport.

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the fundamental elements of airport/airline business relations, including the evolution of airline business models (e.g. low-cost carriers, premium service offerings, etc.)
  • Develop an air service development strategy that correctly approaches the airport’s domestic and/or international markets
  • Identify the right target airlines to serve airport strategic markets, including provision of supportive airport policies, facility access, pricing, and marketing incentives (where necessary)
  • Adjust the airport’s air service marketing strategy to reflect competitive responses and the evolving airline industry commercial environment
  • Involve domestic and international stakeholders in the airport’s marketing approach to achieve commercial success through policy support (bilateral agreements etc.)
  • Establish collaborative communication and cooperative dialogue with airlines that supports a long term and growing business relationship

Target Audience

  • Airport General Manager / Executive / Finance / Marketing Directors and staff
  • Airport Consultants
  • Local and National Stakeholders (public policy agencies, tourism and hospitality organizations, cargo associations, etc.)

Course Content

  • Airport/airline business relations
  • Identify the market potential for the airport’s location through detailed data analysis
  • Overall airport marketing strategy to grow airline and non-aeronautical revenues
  • Commercial, financial, and legal issues between airports and policy agencies
  • Marketing support and financial incentives for route development and bilateral negotiations to create successful environment for airline operations
  • Maintain and grow airline business once operations commenced

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