Airport Customer Experience Professional is the next level program that targets ACES graduates who hold a managerial position. For participants to receive this designation, they must successfully complete the program.

This designation is required in level 4 and 5 of the accreditation program.


The main objective of the ACEP designation is to encourage airport professionals managing and leading customer experience programs to attain the highest level of professional proficiency, education and ethical conduct in their respective fields of management, operations, safety and customer experience.

The Customer Experience Professional (CEP) Diploma program seeks to prepare participants on how best to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction;
  • Maximize airport performance (revenue, efficiency);
  • Identify customer insights & positioning;
  • Enhance customer service; and
  • Foster customer-centric culture in the airport community.

Pre-requisite for program registration

  1. Must hold a managerial position within the ACI member airport and/or World Business Partner organization;
  2. Earned the Airport Customer Experience Specialist (ACES) designation.

Program Structure

The qualified registrant is required to successfully complete the Customer Experience Professional (CEP) Diploma program. This program comprises of three mandatory courses that may be taken as a stand-alone professional certificate course or combined with the other CEP courses. Once the CEP courses are published, participants must successfully complete the three (3) mandatory courses in any sequence, within a three-year period.

Graduates of the Customer Experience Professional (CEP) Diploma will earn the Airport Customer Experience Professional (ACEP) designation.


This training course is an instructor led classroom course which has a final written assessment as the end of each course. Participants must successfully complete the assessment to receive a Certificate of Completion.

Airport Customer Experience Professionals are required to complete the re-accreditation activities over a five-year period to maintain their designation.

Upcoming sessions

The Airport Customer Experience Professional (ACEP) Diploma programme is currently under development and its launch announced at a later date.