ASQ Awards 2021

As the world and airports begin to restart operations, understanding the changing needs and expectations of passengers is still crucial in reassuring them that their health and safety remain the top priority.

In response to the effects of the pandemic, ACI has adapted its global ASQ program for the collection and measurement of data this year, which informs the awards to be awarded for 2021.

The award and recognition categories remain the same as 2020.

The award for Best Airports by Size and Region will remain.

The top 20% of airports under each size and region category will be recognized.

The minimum number of participants in each size and region has also been reduced to three (3). Before 2020, only categories with at least five (5) airports from each size and region were awarded.

ACI wants to ensure airports are not penalized for not having enough participants in their size/region categories due to COVID-19. Equally important, we want to ensure all participating airports can be recognized for their efforts.

For an airport in a size/region category that does not meet the minimum 3 airports requirement, ACI will compare the airport’s overall satisfaction score to the scores of all participants in that airport’s region. If the airport has the highest score in their region, airport will be awarded under their respective size/region category. Note, the airport needs to achieve the ASQ Award eligibility criteria for this consideration.

The following categories will be not be awarded for 2021:

  • Most Improved
  • Best Airport Customer Service
  • Best Airport Environment and Ambiance
  • Best Airport Infrastructure and Facilitation
  • ASQ Arrivals Award

Best Hygiene Measures by Region will remain.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, travellers are demanding new services and procedures based on their specific needs, requirements, and concerns. Airports are also seeking to adapt their infrastructure, adopt new technology, and streamline their processes to best match what customers want.

The Best Hygiene Measures Award recognizes those airports that best listen to their customers and respond in a way that meets their changing expectations to provide a hygienic and safe airport environment.

This award is based on the score of three safety and hygiene questions which were added to the tablet version of the ASQ Departure Survey. Therefore, this award is available to tablet users only.

The top 25% in each region will be recognized.

Voice of the Customer Recognition

This recognition is separate to the Awards and will recognize airports which demonstrate significant efforts in gathering passenger feedback to better understand their customers during the pandemic.

ASQ Awards 2021 – Context

As the world continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, ACI has revised ASQ awards eligibility criteria to align with the criteria in 2020, while still considering the objectives below.

  • Not to penalize airports due to COVID-19
  • To consider the ongoing impact of COVID-19
  • To adapt to the current situation while maintaining a certain level of representation

ASQ eligibility criteria – Overview

As airports continue to be impacted by COVID-19 at different times of the year, eligibility criteria will not be evaluated quarterly as it was in the past. Eligibility criteria will consist of requirements to achieve within the calendar year.

  • For an airport member to be eligible, the airport member agrees to fully comply with the minimum criteria stated in the following sections.
    • As always, ASQ questionnaires need to be self-completed. For airports using paper ASQ questionnaires, blank/void questionnaires need to be kept for at least one year. In addition, the eligibility criteria listed below will be evaluated in 2021.
    • Required number of quarters and
    • Months needs to be met
    • Required total number of questionnaires collected needs to be met
  • Only airports subscribing and participating in the Departures Main Program are considered for ASQ awards.
  • ACI reserves the right to make the final selection and announcement of the ASQ award winners.

ASQ Best Airport by size and region - Eligibility criteria

2021 performance score

  • The performance is based on the overall satisfaction score only.
  • Many airports collected data in all quarters of 2021 so far, including months where COVID-19 cases peaked in their country or region. Some airports started collecting once COVID-19 cases significantly decreased. To ensure fairness when comparing airports, the award ranking will be based on the airports’ two highest scoring quarters meeting the eligibility criteria.
  • ACI will determine the two highest scoring quarters for each airport. In the example below, Q2 and Q4 are the highest scoring and the airport achieved eligibility criteria. This methodology is solely for award ranking. Note: The ranking in the annual reports will consider all quarters of participation.

ASQ Hygiene Award - Eligibility criteria

  • Participation in one quarter with at least 100 questionnaires collected in the quarter.
  • Available to airports with tablet data collection only.

2021 performance score

  • The performance is based on three hygiene questions.
  • The award ranking will be based on the airports’ highest scoring quarter meeting the eligibility criteria.
  • ACI will determine the highest scoring quarter for each airport. In the example below, Q2 is the highest scoring quarter and meets eligibility criteria.

ASQ Voice of the Customer Recognition - Eligibility criteria

  • Participation in 3 quarters. No minimum questionnaires requirement as recognition is solely based on participation and not based on scores.