Accommodating the growth of air travel demand has long been a challenge for the aviation system and the future forecasts necessitate cooperation among stakeholders to ensure a safe, efficient, and sustainable air transport system for passengers.

Developed jointly by Airports Council International (ACI) World and the Civil Air Navigation Services Organization (CANSO), the ASCE program provides a comprehensive onsite review led by industry peers and experts to optimize the use of airport system capacity, both in the air and on the ground.

The airports and ANSPs being reviewed benefit from an assessment tailored to their unique needs and receive expertise, practical recommendations, and targeted solutions that contribute to their long-term capacity usage and operational efficiency.


Provides a fully tailored assessment that will review the airport’s current situation and identifies opportunities for improvement to enhance capacity

Facilitates dialogue between peers from air traffic and airport management with the aim of identifying solutions

Enables constructive exchanges on lessons learned from other airports and their experiences

Promotes best practices and aligns efforts across the industry

Promotes harmonization and collaboration between airports and Air Navigation Service Providers, helping to set new industry guidance

Can positively alter or reduce the scope and costs of future CAPEX investments

Provides an opportunity for airports and ANSPs to enlarge the community of expertise and learn from each other’s experience

Supports a more sustainable approach to the industry’s growth

Roadmap of solutions developed for the specific airport system

To apply

The request can originate from either the airport operator or the local ANSP to its respective association, to which they are a member (ACI or CANSO). It will be important to ensure that both local operators are actively in agreement to host such a review.

ACI World/CANSO will then contact the requesting party to engage in discussion to identify the needs and ensure clarity of the goals the host wants to achieve. From there and once both local organizations are supportive of the initiative, the draft agreement will be submitted along with a cost estimate, including travel, accommodation, meals, ground transportation and the program cost recovery fee.

The hosts will be filling out an online questionnaire that will provide ACI World and CANSO the opportunity to identify the right experts to join the team.

Once the agreement is signed and returned, the team will be set up, and travel and logistics will be arranged within approximately 10 to 12 weeks. A typical review lasts one week.

For questions about the Airport System Capacity Enhancement (ASCE) Program please contact: