Unlock the Power of Data

By connecting to AirportShare, airports gain the ability to effortlessly share multiple types of live data, directly benefiting airport operations, data consumers, and passengers. Whether it is pushing data from their environment or having the AirportShare platform pull information, airports can now seamlessly integrate their data streams (APIs) for simplified data accessibility. With AirportShare, users have centralized access to global airport data: one connection for multiple airports.

Target audiences


Improved operational efficiency
Enhanced customer experience
Increased non-aeronautical revenue

Data consumers & businesses

Accessing live global airport data through a single platform
Deliver additional value to customers
Benefiting transportation providers, travel apps, hotels, and other businesses


Enhances the travel journey
Facilitates the information needed for a smooth, memorable, and personalized experience

Key benefits

Discover the remarkable benefits AirportShare brings to your operations:

Consolidate data from multiple airports onto one centralized platform for simplified management and analysis.

Access live data, enabling real-time decision-making for improved efficiency and customer experience.

Easy sharing of data with relevant stakeholders, fostering collaboration and innovation. This includes security wait times, flight details, maps, and more.


AirportShare, the ultimate platform for sharing real-time airport data with the world—all in one place. Developed in partnership with Rockport Software, AirportShare utilizes the ACRIS Data Standard, and will revolutionize the way data is exchanged in the aviation sector.

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Ready to unlock the potential of AirportShare? We are looking for airports and data consumers.

AirportShare is currently rolling out its proof of concept with participants. To learn more on how to get involved, as an airport or data consumer, please fill out the form below.