Airports: Health Measures Portal

To help airports communicate these measures with their passengers and other industry stakeholders, ACI has developed the ACI Airport Health Measures Portal where airports can directly provide information about the measures in place at individual airports to passengers and industry stakeholders.

A mobile app, Airport Check provides statistics to airports based on the measures implemented globally. These statistics can help airports plan their processes and measures, using industry intelligence.

Passengers: Check & Fly App

To better prepare for their journeys, passengers can access this information on the Passenger Check page or by downloading the free Check & Fly app on their IOS and Android device by clicking the button below.

Application Programming Interface (API)

The data is also available via an Application Programming Interface (API) to enable third parties such as airlines, travel agents, app developers and other stakeholders to directly use the information. For technical details and use of the API, developers may find further information.


Information provided through these services is provided directly by airports. ACI accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or validity of the information provided by this service, nor liability for actions or consequences arising from the use of the information.