EBEA Consulting - an innovative consultancy focused on operational optimization and fast time simulation is now offering an Airport COVID-19 Testing Planning Tool supported by ACI.

EBEA Consulting are able to offer members an assessment of the necessary requirements to open a COVID-19 testing centre on airport location. Through this analysis, airports will be provided with detailed requirements on the space necessary to handle the forecasted passenger numbers for testing, the number of registration booths and the number of testing pods required. ACI will support by providing recommendations on segregating passengers in order to maintain safety whilst optimizing the process.

This provides airports with reassurance in their facilities planning, the ability to forecast throughput and capacity, management information to support expenditure planning and data-driven information for policy making.

The assessment and methodology has been validated by London City Airport, providing highly accurate results for planning teams to set up this capability quickly and using real data instead of assumptions.


Top: extract of the COVID19 Testing Facility Planning tool, providing space and equipment requirements.
Bottom: images of a fast-time simulation ArcPORT model of a COVID19 Testing facility, included in the Platinum Package.

The assessment is available to all ACI member airports of all sizes in all regions as-well as 3rd parties that are supporting airports opening testing facilities.

Benefits of the Planning Tool

Initial assessment of the COVID-19 testing and screening facilities requirements, including the total footprint and equipment.
Multiple scenario and strategy testing to support airports decisions in defining passenger process and facilities layout.
Key inputs that cover service times at each process, target queue times, and passenger characteristics specific to the airport.
Assessments for both arriving and departing facilities.
Model outputs provide twofold insights into what is required vs. what is achievable in terms of space and infrastructure within the available footprint.
Quick turnaround of results for high-level planning considerations.


The process for the interested airports will begin by signing up on the link below.
Once confirmed, the airport will then be sent documentation, including contract and project requirements by EBEA.
Modelling inputs will be discussed and agreed on during the initial phone call/virtual meeting between EBEA, ACI and the airport.
EBEA will then conduct the modelling.
Presentation of the analysis and reports will be provided rapidly, which entails comprehensive insights into the initial planning of a COVID-19 testing facility, before concluding the project.


There will be two different packages available for the airports that participate: the Gold Package and the Platinum Package. The former will offer a personal assessment with up to three scenarios, whereas the latter will also include a fast-time simulation (together with modelling videos) using ArcPORT:


How to apply

You can apply below or visit EBEA's consulting website to complete the form in order to receive more information.