ACI supports long-term sustainable planning to allow airports to be well-equipped in the face of uncertainty. As such, airports are called upon to adapt their measures and operations to better plan for unforeseen crises.

The Public Health & Safety Readiness accreditation provides airports with an assessment that evaluates how aligned their public health and safety measures are with the ACI Business Restart and Recovery guidelines and the ICAO Council's Aviation Recovery Taskforce (CART) recommendations, along with other industry best practices.


Benefits to airports

ACI’s Public Health & Safety Readiness accreditation provides several benefits to airports of all sizes, in every region of the world:

  • Provides an assessment of an airport’s state of readiness to be able to manage future public health and safety disruptive events
  • Showcases an airport's proactive approach to protecting their employees and the travelling public
  • Provides a self-assessment questionnaire to allow an airport to review its current situation which becomes a reference point for continuous improvement
  • Offers guidance based on ACI best practices and relevant ICAO programs
  • Promotes best practices and aligns efforts across the industry
  • Ensures harmonization between ACI and ICAO global guidance and industry implementation

To apply

Airports must submit a request for application. Upon receipt, the ACI Accreditation team will contact the airport and ask of them to complete a questionnaire that covers all aspects of their health management and business readiness in the event of future health disruptive events or crises.

The airport will also be asked to gather evidence such as operating procedures, forms, photographs, and videos to support their application.

The application process also involves a virtual evaluation conduced by ACI. This serves to determine that an airport’s measures are being applied using a systematic management approach and that health-related responsibilities remain a focus for the operator.

The process usually takes one to two weeks from request to completion, depending on the size of the airport and the length of time taken by the airport to gather the supporting evidence.

The accreditation will be valid for three (3) calendar years. To remain accredited, airports must submit a new application once the previous one has expired.

For questions about the Public Health & Safety Readiness accreditation, email