The ACI World Business Partners (WBP) program is open to businesses working with airports or airport-related industries. This unique program offers members the opportunity to connect with a global network of airports, access valuable tools and resources, and discover new business opportunities.

ACI World Business Partner Benefits

Connect with a global network of airport executives and decision-makers

Take part in international and regional events (at member rates)

Showcase your products and services

Expand your presence in regional and worldwide markets

Receive complimentary (and discounted) ACI World publications and reports

Gain insight into industry trends and forecasts through members-only data and statistics

Receive WBP branding and sponsorship opportunities

Build your capacity through programs and training opportunities

List your business in the WBP Global Database

Help shape global aviation policy


World Business Partner Membership

Membership in the World Business Partners program is open to companies and organizations that provide products and services to airports or airport-related industries. WBP members join one of ACI’s five regions and receive unique regional benefits, in addition to benefits offered by ACI World.

Affiliate members

If your company is already a World Business Partner, you can participate in the activities of another ACI region as an affiliate member by paying additional membership fees.

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Become a World Business Partner

ACI Africa

Casablanca, Morocco

ACI Europe

Brussels, Belgium

ACI North America

Washington, DC, USA

ACI Asia-Pacific

Hong Kong

ACI Latin America-Caribbean

Panama City, Panama


World Business Partners Global Database

ACI’s World Business Partners Global Database contains product and contact information for more than 500 leading companies and organizations that provide products and services to airports worldwide.

A members-only tool, the Database includes searchable information on equipment, IT, communications, retail, commerce, consulting, management, investment, handling, airfield, planning, construction, and security.


The World Business Partners program is governed by an Advisory Board with representatives from ACI’s five regions and ensures the overall success of the program. The Advisory Board represents the collective and regional interests of WBP to ACI World and the aviation industry to facilitate beneficial business opportunities for all WBP members.

View WBP Advisory Board Members

Keith Thompson_PIC
Keith Thompson




Esperanza Morales_PIC
Esperanza Morales

Vice Chair

Global Exchange Group

New Markets Director

Andrew Ford_PIC
Andrew Ford

Immediate Past Chair

Paccaya Resources Ltd


Benton, Derryl_PIC
Derryl Benton



Executive Vice President of Business Development

Tine Haas_PIC
Tine Haas


Dornier Consulting


Tunde Oyekola_PIC
Tunde Oyekola


El-Mansur Atelier Group

Chief Executive Officer

Ruud Ummels_PIC
Ruud Ummels


To70 Aviation

Managing Director

New World Business Partners

Membership level: Small (WBP Regular)

Region: Asia-Pacific

Address: Floor 5, No.129, Jingzhuang Road, Neihu Distric, 114057 TAIPEI, CHINESE TAIPEI

Contact: Mr. Simon CHIANG, Chairman




Company profile: The Taiwan Duty Free Association (TDFA) is a legally established, non-profit social organization. In order to develop Taiwan's duty-free retail industry, it will integrate with the global duty-free retail industry platform. Improve the quality of international passenger services, ensure the sustainable development of duty-free retail and tourism industries, improve industrial standards, and enhance common interests. And to promote international exchanges and cooperation, build international friendship and promote other matters related to the development of the travel retail industry.

Membership level: Small (WBP Affiliate - Europe)

Region: Asia-Pacific

Address: Parklaan 32, Haarlem, 2011 KW, NETHERLANDS

Contact: Mr. Chris MIDDLETON,, Regional Manager (APAC)




Company profile: Casper provides customers in the aviation industry with enhanced insight into their operations and streamlines communication processes. Our solutions deliver high-quality visualization solutions that are flexible and adaptable to our clients' evolving needs.

Membership level: Gold

Region: Europe

Address: 109, Rue Neuve d'Argenson, Bergerac, France


Contact: Jean-Luc Rauline, Vice President Airport Services


Phone: 0033 9 74 98 23 67


Company profile: Embross is a passenger technology company that develops hardware and software solutions for the passenger travel industry. Embross delivers true value through delivering dynamic solutions, progressive design, extensive customization, flexibility and an innovative approach that drives cost efficiency and effectiveness for it’s partners.

Membership level: Silver

Region: Europe

Address: 178 Backbone Road, 15143 Sewickley, USA


Contact: Mrs. Jamelle Aslam, Vice President Product Development


Phone: 00201 788 9703


Company profile: The Starglide® passenger belt, pioneered and patented by Fenner-Dunlop for moving walkways, is supported by edge rollers which improves the ride quality for passengers (better for joints and emitting less noise). Airports also prefer the low pit depth requirements and improved traction, particularly when wet. With our integration with Michelin, we are developing a complete belt-based walk system that is focused on energy efficiency (~50% less) and reliability (less downtime and maintenance).

Membership level: Silver

Region: Europe

Address: 15 rue Alfred Sauvy, 31270, Cugnaux, France


Contact: Mr. Stephane Bascobert, President


Phone: 0033 5 36 47 78 87


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