Developing Nations ACI Training: DNA Training®

In 2009, ACI redeveloped its training curriculum, role, and relationship with stakeholders, stabilizing the training organization and making it a viable proposition for ACI in terms of quality and quantity of courses, student days, economic results, as well as regional coverage. Further to that result, the ACI’s Global Training team has been charged with establishing a process to allocate a portion of ACI’s Training net revenue as financial aid for least developed nations’ airport employees, in order to ensure professional training programmes are administered free of charge or at a discount.


ACI and GTH have launched this programme in 2010 with the objective of increasing the knowledge transfer to ACI members in good standing by offering a limited amount of grants and/or scholarships in the form of financial aid for the sole purpose of paying for registration fees for any number of participants meeting predefined criteria.

Registration fees covered will include existing open, in house or any other pre-scheduled GTH course that may take place in any training location worldwide. DNA Training® will not pay for any expenses other than registration fees or tuition for any GTH approved training course, or any costs associated with the administration of courses.


Minimum requirements for ACI members or individuals to qualify for DNA Training® assistance include:

  • Applicant must be a full time permanent employee of an ACI member based in a country as defined in the UNCTAD listings;
  • Host ACI member must be in good standing;
  • ACI regional office endorsement of applications is required;
  • ACI World Director General’s approval for all applications is required;
  • Host ACI member airports applying for course grants must be in a position to provide, at no cost to ACI:
    • Classroom facilities in its premises for the duration of the course;
    • AV equipment and projector;
    • Basic logistical training equipment;
    • Local coordinator to arrange logistical details for the course;
    • Assistance with letters of invitation and visa requirements for instructor(s) and applicable ACI World staff.

Training Administration Criteria - Scholarships and Grants

Financial support for training programmes for candidates employed by ACI member airports located in the least developed nations listed by UNCTAD.

  1. The contents of the training course shall be recognized by ACI as likely to ensure effective and useful training for the candidate and the airport concerned.
  2. Financial support conditions will be usually limited to 75% of the course tuition fees and will not exceed 2,000 EUR. Exceptions of up to 100% of the course tuition fees may apply. Transport and hotel costs are to be borne solely by either the candidate or by the airport that employs him/her.
  3. DNA Training® shall provide financial support only for programmes that are organized, run and fully controlled by ACI. This will never constitute, directly or otherwise, a subsidy (grant) or remuneration of either an organization or of an outside legal entity or natural person, whether profit-making or not.

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