ACI Employee Survey for Customer Experience

ACI Employee Survey for Customer Experience

Customers expect a high quality experience as they travel through an airport. Elements that affect their perception include the sense of place, how easily they can move through the airport, cleanliness of the airport and especially of the bathrooms, and increasingly importantly, the quality of the Wi-Fi.  ACI already provides a programme for airports to assess this using the Airport Quality Survey (ASQ).  

But this is only part of the story. Customers are in constant contact with staff working in the airport: both those employed directly and those who work in the duty free, retail and food and beverage outlets. Their experience can also be affected by what might be going on behind the scenes, and by staff they have never met. Airports are complex operations with many business partners playing a role.

ACI has launched a new programme to help airports better understand the thoughts, actions and motivations of all staff in the airport. The Employee Survey for Customer Experience (ECE) has been designed to provide invaluable data to airports so that they can better understand how airport staff interact with customers, and to help them evaluate whether customer experience enhancement projects are hitting the mark.

ECE is a new product from ACI designed to help airports:

  • understand the motivation and commitment of airport staff towards achieving the common goal of improving the customer experience, and assess their collective commitment to customer experience;
  • identify areas which might be prioritized for improvement and develop action plans to enhance the overall customer experience; and to,
  • benchmark customer experience initiatives and share best practice with other participating airports.

ECE has been developed with the same commitment to robust data gathering that has made the ASQ Survey an essential tool for the world’s best airports. ECE is easy to use and has been designed to be self-administered online and is packed with useful features such as a global index structured around 73 questions; search functions; strategic recommendations; and, year-end summaries. ECE also fits seamlessly with the ASQ toolkit of products and services, making it the ideal complement for existing ASQ members.

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