ASQ Survey - Methodology

The ASQ Survey rates your airport’s performance in 34 key service areas and lets you compare your results to those of airports around the world.

The ASQ Survey is the airport industry’s standard for measuring passenger satisfaction. In this global programme, the passengers’ satisfaction levels are measured while they are at the airport. ASQ surveys are currently conducted at over 330 airports worldwide, covering more than half of the world’s 7.6 billion annual passengers. Over 75% of the world’s 100 top airports are currently ASQ Survey members. The ASQ Survey is designed to be flexible and covers some of the smallest commercial airports to the world’s largest, making it an invaluable tool for airports of all sizes.

As an ACI Member Airport participating in the ASQ programme, your passengers will be surveyed about their on-the-day experience a minimum of 350 times per quarter, for a minimum of 1,400 passenger surveys per year. Each year, some 550,000 passengers worldwide are interviewed for the ASQ Survey.

The ASQ Survey covers 34 key service areas and includes eight major categories, such as access, check-in, security, airport facilities, food and beverage providers and more. All participating airports use the same survey questions. This creates an industry standard set of responses that allows you to track and analyze your airport’s performance, as well as benchmark your results against airports in your local market and across the globe. All participating airports see the ASQ survey results for all other participating airports.

The ASQ Survey questionnaire is available in 41 languages. If your local language is not covered, questionnaires can be translated accordingly.

ASQ Departure Survey’s proven methodology follows five key steps:

  • 1

    Questionnaires are distributed at the departure gate by on-site fieldwork agents.

  • 2

    The questionnaires are completed by passengers selected according to a sample plan which ensures statistical accuracy.

  • 3

    The completed questionnaires are collected by the fieldwork agents.

  • 4

    The airport returns the completed questionnaires to the ASQ team.

  • 5

    The results are analyzed and reports are distributed to all participating airports.