ASQ Survey - Main

The ASQ Survey gives you timely, accurate and unbiased passenger service and management information.

All of the data, reports and summaries described below are included in the basic ASQ programme. All ASQ deliverables are designed to give you the best insight into the perceptions of passengers who visit your airport facility, and allow you to benchmark your results against airports around the world.

ASQ Reporting Portal

The ASQ Reporting Portal is accessed via the Internet using a secure log-in and password. Designed to be user friendly, the portal allows the user to access their ASQ Survey data and reports, as well as to work with the data to create data tables, benchmark graphs and to run various analyses. The user can then export these outputs into management reports and presentations. The ASQ Software Reporting Portal offers the user a choice of five different languages.

Raw data

The published file of raw data collected from all participating airports in each quarter is provided in both SPSS (.sav file) and Excel (.xls file) formats to allow the user to conduct more detailed analysis of the data. Each completed ASQ Survey questionnaire is shown as a row of data in the file, with the specific score or response to each service attribute or question shown in a separate column.

Quarterly Benchmarking Reports

The ASQ Quarterly Benchmarking Report presents in graph format each participating airport’s average score for each service attribute covered in the ASQ Survey questionnaire. The report shows the results by demographic category and by each passenger category (all passengers, international and domestic). The report also includes time series graphs to show each participating airport’s average scores over the previous quarters. Additional, complementary information and analyses are provided in both table and graph formats (for example, showing the passenger segmentation frequencies over the quarter).

Annual ASQ Survey Report

The Annual ASQ Survey Report is prepared for each participating airport following the completion of the calendar year’s ASQ Survey. This report is designed to inform the participating airport’s executive team of the opportunities for future developments and indicates in which fields service improvements should be implemented in the coming year.