What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is a globally recognized structured system that allows airport management to achieve the highest level of customer experience at their airport. ACI developed this first and only customer experience accreditation in aviation industry, in order to deliver a better service to its member airports.

Why is customer experience important for an airport?

Just as a person can choose what grocery store to shop at, passengers can choose in which airport they want to land or transfer. The better the experience, the more the airport is chosen, the more revenue the airport makes which allows it to create an even better experience. Given the ever-increasing importance that passengers place on their airport experience, airports that do not participate will soon be left behind.

Why be accredited?

Accreditation is a visual recognition for passengers and the industry confirming the enhancements airports are making to deliver better satisfaction in the area of customer experience. It is something that airports can publicize and it shows passengers and stakeholders that the airport aims to provide the best experience possible.

How does it work?

Similar to receiving a medal in the Olympics, accreditation can only be earned not purchased. There are 5 levels of accreditation. Each level is structured around domains of management practices and builds on the level before it. Each accreditation level is unique and meaningful and should be celebrated as a significant achievement. The goal of airport customer experience management is not to complete the last level, it is to evolve, excel and learn throughout the journey.

How does my airport apply?

For more information download the accreditation booklet or email customerexperience@aci.aero.

How many airports are accredited?

The Customer Experience Professional Designation Programme

In order to ensure a common understanding, ACI has developed a mandatory course the Airport Customer Experience Designation Programme that is provided to subscribers to the accreditation programme free of charge. Each airport must nominate at least one employee to take and pass the course. They can nominate additional employees for a nominal fee. For complete information please contact GlobalTraining@aci.aero.