ASQ Benefits

The ASQ Survey is designed for airports that require up-to-date feedback on their service performance to drive superior operational and strategic decision-making. It helps the airport operators understand today's performance and change over time, as well as allowing benchmarking and comparison of performance against other airports.

An airport may be improving, but its competitors may be a step ahead by widening their offerings and implementing them at a faster pace. ASQ helps airports gauge where they stand, resulting in decisions and investments based on the best intelligence available.

ASQ shows you how to get the best return from your investment in service delivery. It also allows you to create performance guidelines and set up incentive programmes for your staff or service providers with the goal of maximizing passenger satisfaction and spend at your facilities.

ASQ provides the information and insights you need to run a more successful and profitable airport operation.

ASQ is designed for airports that understand the importance of monitoring and improving passenger service. In virtually all cases, satisfied passengers will spend more, contributing to a bigger non-aeronautical revenue stream and a better bottom line.

The information ASQ provides will allow you to:

Optimize investments and initiatives

ASQ identifies the areas where investments will most improve levels of passenger satisfaction. Understanding what is most important to airport passengers helps identify where to invest and focus financial and human resources.

Monitor performance of your suppliers

By enabling comparisons with other airports, the ASQ Survey lets you set your service level target ratings alongside those of other airports, either on a regional or global level. That way you can set and monitor targets included in Service Level Agreements.

Share best practice with other airports

Airports participating in the programme share all passenger satisfaction information with the ASQ community of airports, which drives the use of best practices and promotes discussions aimed at helping airports improve their passenger service levels.

ACI ASQ Forums are organized every year to discuss the latest changes, and share best practices and learnings on how to help raise service standards in all ASQ airports.

Assess the performance of your management

Service targets can be set for managers, and goals and incentives can be established to motivate managers and their respective teams.

Help with regulators

ASQ information and insights are often used in discussions between governments, regulators and airport management companies to provide a reliable measure of airport service performance.

Market your airport more successfully

ASQ is a unique offering that helps you inform airlines, passengers, the public and authorities of your achievements in passenger service. In addition, ASQ publishes a yearly rating of top-performing airports and recognizes top performers with industry awards and a press campaign that highlights their achievements.