ASQ Awards

Recognizing the world's best airports in customer experience

The annual Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Awards recognize and reward the best airports in the world according to ACI’s ASQ Departure Survey and the newly launched ASQ Arrivals Survey. These awards represent the highest possible accolades for airport operators and are an opportunity to celebrate the commitment of airports worldwide to continuously improving the passenger experience.

Since its creation in 2006, the ASQ Departures programme has become the world’s leading airport passenger satisfaction benchmark with over 390 airports participating, across 92 countries. Its scientific methodology, strict quality control procedures, and commitment to impartiality have won industry recognition and established the ASQ suite of surveys as the global standards for measuring passenger satisfaction.

ASQ is the only global airport survey based on measuring passengers’ satisfaction taken while they are at the airport. Some 650,000 passengers per year are interviewed prior to boarding their flight and asked to rate their satisfaction with the airport’s services.

In 2018, over half of the world's 8.3 billion travelers passed through an ASQ airport.

For the 2018 awards year, we have made exciting changes that reflect the increasingly dynamic airport industry.

To be the best airport in customer experience, ACI recommends to be the best in both departing and arrivals experiences for passengers.  ACI this year, has launched the ASQ Arrivals awards, to provide recognition to airports whom also take into account the arriving passengers experience to their airport.  Monitoring the arrivals experience for passengers is increasingly becoming more important, as this experience could potentially have effect on their departing experience.

To be eligible for the annual ASQ awards, an airport must have participated in the ASQ Departures survey every month of the year. The survey must be carried out in strict accordance with the airport’s sample plan, developed by ACI, which guarantees a representative sample of the flights, destinations, and passenger groups served by the airport. ACI regularly audits participating airports to ensure compliance and to validate the results. For ASQ Arrivals, the requirement is for airports to participate in the programme for six months.

If you would like more information on how your airport can be part of the global ASQ network and be eligible for an annual ASQ award, please contact us