Security of passengers and staff remains one of the aviation industry’s highest priorities. Faced with a complex and evolving global security climate, the airport industry continues to promote security measures that are dynamic and based on the current risk context. 

By adopting risk-based security measures and enhanced screening processes, airports are working to strengthen their resilience to respond to complex security threats while providing a streamlined passenger experience.

To help airports optimize security measures, ACI World provides members with tools and expertise through dedicated security initiatives, onsite security assessments, resources, and training programs that outline best practices and ensure compliance with international regulations.

ACI World’s Security Experts Provide:
The latest policy briefs and recommendations
Advocacy to enhance ICAO’s Standards and Recommended Practices
Security-focused courses and training programs
Resources through ACI’s publications library
Expert insights through the ACI World blog
In-person and online events and learning opportunities

ACI World Security Standing Committee

The ACI World Security Standing Committee actively monitors global security developments and shares important threat-related information and best practices with members.

The Committee works closely with international partners, including ICAO and IATA, to ensure security regulations and guidelines contribute to enhanced airport security measures and reflect the interests of airports worldwide.

Focus Areas
Landside security
Management of Security/SeMS
Risk assessment
Passenger and baggage screening
Airport design and protection
Access control
One Stop Security
Insider Threat
Impact of security on airport facilitation

Airport Security Initiatives

ACI World’s Counter Drones Knowledge Centre collects all recent publicly available guidance material, regulations, white papers, and policies on the topic of drone risk mitigation from around the world and is intended to provide airports and the public with a global “one stop shop” reference.

Improve your airport’s security with APEX.

ACI World’s APEX in Security program helps airports optimize their security measures and provide assistance to comply with ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices through onsite reviews tailored to host airports’ unique needs and operational realities. Subject matter experts provide guidance and support throughout the review process, from assessing airport operations to implementing a concrete action plan. 

Airport Benefits:

Identify and reduce safety gaps and vulnerabilities

Connect with a network of international experts and airport peers 

Establish key performance indicators and measurement tools

Develop a risk management plan and mitigation strategies

Increase staff skills and knowledge through ACI courses and programs

Develop a comprehensive airport action plan

Maximize regulatory compliance

ACI World’s Smart Security program develops concepts and solutions that drive innovation in passenger and baggage screening to enhance passenger satisfaction, strengthen security, and optimize airport operations and facilities worldwide. 

Our experts work with airports and industry stakeholders on technology-driven security measures and process innovations that build airports’ capacity to address future security threats, aging airport infrastructure, evolving customer expectations, and increasing passenger and cargo traffic. 

To facilitate a streamlined and secure passenger experience, we focus on advanced screening that minimizes wait times, reduce intrusive processes, increase airport efficiency, and reduce operational costs.

Smart Security is setting the vision for the future of airport security with Vision 2040, which fundamentally changes the focus of passenger screening and turns it to an intuitive, seamless, customer-centric system.


Airport Innovations Promoted by Smart Security:

Advanced Cabin Baggage Screening

Security Scanners

Stand-off Detection

Artificial Intelligence

Risk-based Passenger Screening

Automated tray return systems at checkpoints

Parallel divesting of personal items

Central Image Processing (CIP) to allow remote screening of x-ray images

Airport Security Training

"Very enjoyable and educational. Increased my understanding of various issuse, particularly SeMS."

Richard Sheridan, Manager, Aviation Security Company Limited

Security Programs

Airport Security Diploma

The ACI Airport Security Diploma provides participants with a broad and detailed understanding of implementing and maintaining a security framework that complies with national and international regulations and airport industry best practices.

Security Webinars

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