Safety is the global aviation industry’s top priority and at the heart of ACI World’s work. Our members strive to continuously improve safety measures to ensure the welfare of passengers and staff.

Dedication to safe, secure operations can be seen across the airport community through the adoption of new technologies and processes to enhance safety standards and operating procedures.

ACI World works closely with members and international partners on all airport safety issues, from airside and runway safety to operating procedures and safety management systems to staff training and development, to support airport safety and compliance with international regulations and standards.

ACI World’s Safety Experts Provide
The latest policy briefs and data-driven recommendations
Safety-focused courses and training programs
Resources through ACI’s publications library
Expert insights through the ACI World blog
In-person and online events and learning opportunities
Access to ACI’s airport safety database

ACI World Safety and Technical Standing Committee

The ACI World Safety and Technical Standing Committee provides guidance and expertise that strengthens airport safety measures worldwide. We work with ACI members and international organizations, including ICAO, IATA, the Flight Safety Foundation, CANSO, IFALPA,  ICCAIA, and others, to shape the safety agenda and ensure new developments and policies reflect airport interests.

Focus Areas
Airport design specifications
Standard airport operating procedures
Technology, systems, and equipment
Airport safety management systems
Safety resources
Airport safety training

Airport Safety Initiatives

ICAO has developed a new methodology for assessing and reporting runway surface conditions commonly known as the Global Reporting Format (GRF), which will become applicable on 4 November 2021.


Effective airport safety measures rely on the availability and analysis of safety data and information from airports worldwide. Airport data is vital to our safety efforts. It helps determine our priority areas, identify gaps and vulnerabilities, and promote airport safety excellence.

ACI World’s Safety Data Collection Program invites airport members to share their safety data through a centralized, confidential, database to help inform the development of airport safety measures worldwide.

Airport Safety Data Collection Program Advantages:

Contribute to airport safety intelligence

Benefit from the safety data of peers

Benchmark your airport’s safety performance with airports in your region

Define your safety priorities and performance expectations

Use data analysis and data-driven decision-making to inform safety measures

We are currently collecting safety data for 2020.

To promote airport safety and reduce onsite ground handling accidents, ACI World works closely with members, ICAO, ASA and IATA to ensure the implementation of an appropriate regulatory framework and give airports the necessary authority to oversee the safety standards of ground handlers operating on airport property.

Our policy paper on ground handling recommends that ground handlers should implement Safety Management Systems and that airports should provide operating licenses to qualified ground handlers who demonstrate a commitment to safety practices and standards. A ground handling agreement template that can be adapted locally is also available to members.

To address airport capacity limitations and expected global traffic growth, ACI World experts provide practical guidance on optimizing existing capacity while planning for expansion.

We outline key issues and available options for airport operators through our Aligning Airspace and Airport Capacity publication.

ACI World works with members, safety experts, and international organizations, including ICAO, to support runway safety measures across the airport industry. We share best practices and recommended runway safety measures through various resources and training opportunities to help airports identify and reduce runway take-off and landing risks and hazards.

ACI is a co-signatory of the Flight Safety Foundation and Eurocontrol Global Action Plan for the Prevention of Runway Excursions

ICAO Runway Safety Program

Developed by ACI, ICAO, and partner organizations, the Runway Safety Program is a valuable resource for runway safety teams. It provides tools and guidelines to improve runway safety standards and procedures.

A comprehensive airport Safety Management System ensures compliance with ICAO and applicable national regulations, allows for the management of safety risks, increases operational efficiencies and builds staff capacity.

Through ACI World’s Safety Management Systems Handbook, airport members benefit from industry best-practices, expertise, and action-orientated guidelines to implement a robust SMS plan using the Plan, Do, Check, Act method.

As commercial and recreational drone use continues to grow, ACI World works with members and international organizations to monitor and assess the benefits and hazards they present to the aviation industry. While drones have the potential to optimize some airport operations, like aerodrome ground lighting inspections, the increase of recreational drone use poses safety hazards that require new standards and regulations.

To address this emerging issue, we work with IATA and industry stakeholders to advocate for regulations and policies that protect airspace and ensure aircraft safety.

ACI World experts help reduce wildlife hazards and the associated risks they present to the aviation industry. We work with airports, industry experts, and international partners, including ICAO, to identify, assess, and manage wildlife hazards to ensure a safe aerodrome environment.

In our effort to mitigate increasing wildlife strikes, and the resulting aircraft damage and monetary losses, we provide airports with guidance and recommendations through various tools and resources.

ACI World’s APEX in Safety program helps airports optimize their safety measures to facilitate compliance with ICAO regulations and standards. To achieve this, we deliver onsite reviews tailored to host airports’ unique needs and operational realities. Our experts provide guidance and support throughout the review process, from assessing airport operations to implementing a concrete action plan.

Airport Benefits:

Identify and reduce safety gaps and vulnerabilities

Connect with a network of international experts and airport peers 

Establish key performance indicators and measurement tools

Develop a risk management plan and mitigation strategies

Increase staff skills and knowledge through ACI courses and programs

Develop a comprehensive airport action plan

Maximize regulatory compliance

Airport Safety Training

"This has been one of the best learning experiences I have ever taken part in. The instructors were excellent and in addition I also learnt a lot from my other colleagues on the course. I am happy to have learnt a lot."

- Smyly Bannerman-Wood, Terminal Operations Manager, Ghana Airports Company Ltd

Airport Safety Programs

Global ACI-ICAO Airport Safety Professional (ASP) Designation Program

ACI-ICAO ASP is the premier global designation programme that leads to a unique and prestigious professional designation for airport safety professionals and civil aviation regulators.

Global Safety Network (GSN) Diploma Program

The ACI Global Safety Network (GSN) Diploma Programme consists of six specialized courses on airport safety, and is specifically designed to meet the needs of airside operations and safety managers, including developing, implementing and operating effective Safety Management Systems (SMS) at their airports.

Safety Webinars

Disabled aircraft removal and airport preparedness

Oct 18, 2022

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GRF Implementation: practical guidance for airports in regions not affected by winter operations

Jun 30, 2021

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Implementing GRF at airports with non-winter conditions: Challenges, tools and best practices

May 27, 2021

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