Airports today operate in a complex, technology-driven environment and are always seeking to explore and adopt new technologies and IT solutions tailored to the airport industry, to ensure their growth, resilience, and standards of excellence. 

Digital transformation is happening across the aviation industry. From cybersecurity to data management to information systems and automated services, airports are modernizing infrastructure to improve customer experience, operations, and staff efficiency.

To help the industry navigate and adapt to a quickly changing landscape, ACI World experts work closely with international partners on policy development, airport regulations, and best practices. We offer our members in-depth expertise services, tools, and solutions through various IT initiatives, including onsite airport IT assessments and a comprehensive cybersecurity self-assessment tool.

ACI’s Airport IT experts provide:
The latest policy briefs and data-driven recommendations
IT-focused courses and training programs
Resources through ACI’s publications library
Expert insights through the ACI World blog
In-person and online events and learning opportunities

ACI World Airport IT Standing Committee

The ACI World Airport Information Technology Standing Committee ensures airport interests are reflected in global policy development on airport IT, automation, telecommunications infrastructure, and passenger services.

We monitor and share IT developments with our members and provide guidance on implementing new technologies, procedures, and automation practices to support airport operations worldwide. ACI experts and members play an active role at the international level, working with partners and stakeholders, including cybersecurity work with ICAO.

Focus Areas
Digital Transformation
Data exchange and ACRIS
Smart Data Hubs
IT Sustainability

Airport IT Solutions and Tools

ACI World developed a practical set of recommendations to assist airports in building a Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan. These guidelines include a Top Ten set of actions for airports to consider and a set of pre-requisites, which should be in place before or in parallel with the response plan's development.

As the standard for information and data exchange in the aviation industry, ACI’s ACRIS program defines a framework for airports, airlines, partners, and suppliers to share data, business processes, and IT solutions across different companies and providers to foster airport efficiency and revenue growth.


Delivered in partnership with Airline Business and SITA, the survey tracks key technology trends and priorities for airports.

Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity Courses

Airport IT Webinars

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