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Vyacheslav Cheglatonyev

Director, Economic Policy

Office: Montreal, Canada

Vyacheslav Cheglatonyev took up the position of Director of Economic Policy at ACI World in June 2023. His main areas of responsibility include economic policy, program development and services, as well as committee and team management.

Vyacheslav possesses a strong background in aviation and substantial managerial experience, having held executive positions for almost 15 years. Until 2022, he served as the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at the largest Ukrainian airports: Odesa International Airport, Lviv International Airport, and Boryspil International Airport. During his tenure as Airport CCO, Vyacheslav was responsible for managing both aeronautical and non-aeronautical revenues, marketing, and public relations. His main areas of competence included strategic marketing, management and planning, commercial planning, economic policy, route development, as well as aeronautical and commercial revenue management. In 2022, Vyacheslav joined ACI Europe as a Senior Advisor on Economics, where he was responsible for producing KPI economic reports and analysis, advocating for European airport economic and financial interests.

Vyacheslav holds a PhD in Economics, an MSc in Aviation Management (Transport and Telecommunications Institute in Latvia, 2021), a Master’s Degree in Air Transport Management (Kyiv National Aviation University, 2016), among other qualifications. In 2022, he commenced his studies in the AMPAP (IAP).

Vyacheslav is a guest lecturer at the Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (ENAC) in Toulouse, France, and the Transport and Telecommunications Institute (TSI) in Riga, Latvia.