Leadership and Staff


Thomas Romig

Vice President, Safety, Security, and Operations

Office: ACI World

Thomas Romig is a graduate of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University where he obtained an Aviation Business Management degree. After four years with ACI World, Thomas took up the position of Safety Officer at Genève Aéroport where he was in charge of developing the airport Safety Office, ensuring regulatory compliance through the Aerodrome Certification process and implementing the Safety Management System.

In 2013, Thomas changed roles to become the Department Head for the new Airport Operation Center (APOC) where he was tasked with developing an airport wide operational coordination and management center that is aimed at increasing the efficiency and performance of the airport.

Following four years in this function, Thomas took on the responsibility for developing the new Aviation Department managing all airside operations and developments. Finally, in 2019 Thomas took on a new role as Head of the new Operations Control and Development Department, in charge of managing the daily operations of the airport as well as identifying the future infrastructures and systems needed to meet forecasted demands.

Throughout his time at Geneva Airport, Thomas has kept a strong link with the international regulatory world through ACI, representing the association at EASA and ICAO. He has chaired numerous committees and working groups on behalf of ACI and ACI-Europe as well as championed multiple policy developments for the organization both in safety and operational domains.

In 2020, Thomas joined ACI in Montreal as Vice President, Safety and Operations with a primary focus on the relations with ICAO, and other industry organizations, for future regulatory developments.