Airport Facilitation - Initiatives

Recommended Practice on Manual Measurement Passenger Service Process Times and KPI’s

This Recommended Practice describes a methodology that is easily understood and easily replicated around the world for airports of differing sizes and types. It is based on ACI’s ASQ Performance (ASQP) programme which has been developed over several years in conjunction with 12 airports and proven to work in airports of varying size, all over the world. Download

Airport Service Level Framework Guidelines

The objective of these guidelines is to show how to include in the contractual service level framework between the airport owner and the airport operator considerations of demand, processing rates and perceived service quality, in addition to spatial requirements. This is a joint initiative under the Facilitation & Services and Economics Standing Committees. Download

For more information visit the Airport Service Level Agreement Framework webpage.

Passenger Security Screening Service Quality Task Force (P3SQ-TF)

The overall mission of this Passenger Security Screening Service Quality Task Force (P3SQ-TF) is to develop an ACI customer service excellence program for passenger security screening, including Best Practice guidelines and recommendations. This is a joint initiative under the Facilitation & Services and Security Standing Committees. Download

Business Continuity Management Framework and Case Studies for Health-Related Disruptions at Airports

ACI recommended framework to establish one generic airport-wide Business Continuity Management System to cover the range of operational threats that the airport operator faces. The document contains additional case studies and tools to manage health-related disruptions at airports. Download

Airport Preparedness Guidelines for Outbreaks of Communicable Disease

These recommendations are designed to reduce exposure to an infectious agent at airports and to improve the response to health related emergencies by establishing mechanisms for rapid decision-making and action. They are intended as guidance, to be adapted to the local situation as necessary. Download