Airport Facilitation

Airport Facilitation consists of the efficient management of the flow of passengers, baggage, cargo and mail through the airport facilities, ensuring that services are delivered in a healthy, safe and secure environment, and meeting and exceeding when possible the needs and expectations of customers. This should be applicable for all scenarios, during good days and bad days, under normal operations and situations of flight disruption.

Passenger facilitation is not just achieved by airport operators in isolation. It requires a high level of interaction and coordination with partners and stakeholders that are responsible for the different steps of the end to end passenger process, from the time of booking to the time the passengers arrive at their final destination.

ACI World, through its Facilitation and Services Standing Committee, is committed to help airports improve their terminal flows and processes by providing a set of recommendations, guidelines and best practices, together with measuring and benchmarking opportunities provided through the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) programmes.

For more information contact:

Nina Brooks
Director, Security, Facilitation and IT