Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is an important trend influencing the airport business. It is not just about the deployment of new technologies, instead, it is about transforming the business of airports, adapting to customers, staff, community and cultures and leveraging existing and new technologies to meet objectives and goals. Digital transformation is becoming a core capability and a necessity to meet the capacity demands of the future.

Best Practice

The Airport Digital Transformation Best Practice is a decision and implementation resource for airport managers responsible for evolving their companies in a digital world.

The guidance helps leaders understand:

  1. what digital transformation is
  2. what digital transformation means to the airport business, its customers and operations
  3. approaches for evolving the organization
  4. the high-level impact of digital transformation on risks and opportunities

Topics covered include:

  1. enabling technologies
  2. where does an airport begin to apply digital transformation
  3. potential functional areas of application of digital transformation
  4. internal readiness, challenges and risks
  5. opportunities and recommendations


Airports Council International (ACI) World launched the Airport Digital Transformation Best Practice paper in December 2017, intended as a decision and implementation aid for airport managers who are responsible for evolving their companies in a digital world.  A key component of the paper outlines maturity levels and a path for an airport to become digital-ready including a survey tool for self-assessment.

The survey follows the outline of the Airport Digital Transformation Best Practice paper with questions that will allow an organization to perform a self-assessment against four maturity levels. When all the data is compiled and the collective results are released, airports will have a better understanding of how their airport can compare itself with the average participating airports based on certain types of criteria, such as region and airport size. Transparency is key for the collected data to represent accurate results. This survey provides airports with the unique opportunity to measure their airport’s technology readiness as well as provides guidance at the pace the airport is adopting digital change.

As the questionnaire covers all functional areas of the airport, ACI World recommends that Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Digital Officers (CDOs) or Directors of Information Technology (IT) complete the questionnaire with the entire leadership team to gather collective inputs, simply because digital transformation impacts every part of the business.

Airports wishing to take part in the survey should complete the questionnaire below and send to