Airport IT - ACRIS


The definition and implementation of standardized business processes and interoperable IT solutions is a vital issue for the global aviation industry, especially as a way to increase revenues and reduce costs. This is not only valid within one stakeholder group (e.g., airlines), but also between different groups such as airlines and airports. These cross-company processes require Business-to-Business (B2B) integration of the partners’ varying IT solutions, and the ACI Airport Community Recommended Information Services (ACRIS) Working Group (WG) is focused on providing these solutions.

ACRIS is based on a Recommended Practice that describes the benefits of a service-oriented approach. It is supported by additional documents, the production of which falls under the responsibility of the ACRIS WG:

  • governance document;
  • a service description template;
  • a guideline for security measurements; and
  • actual service descriptions.

The governance is guided by the following principles:

  • Participation is voluntary. ACI Members, World Business Partners and other industry organizations such as IATA participate in the ACRIS programme.
  • The intellectual property rights of all ACRIS documents belong to ACI. The material will be provided free of charge to ACI Members.
  • ACI provides easy access to the ACI ACRIS documents for ACI Members and Working Group participants.
  • ACRIS certification is based on a process of self-certification.
  • ACRIS adheres as much as possible to existing messaging and other information exchange standards.

The ACRIS products:

  • Standardized Web Service interfaces to support various B2B scenarios using SOAP and REST technology. EG:
    • Passenger and Baggage Conformance Services
    • Web Services to support A-CDM implementations
    • RESTful WebService for flight information from Seamless Travel Project
  • ACRIS Semantic Model
  • Open API Shop (Project)

For more information contact:

Serge Yonke Nguewo
Senior Manager, Facilitation and IT