Airport IT Standing Committee

The ACI World Airport Information Technology Standing Committee (AITSC) was established by the ACI World Governing Board in September 2008. The Committee's mission is to develop industry policy guidelines and positions on issues affecting Information Technology (IT), Airport Automation, Telecommunications infrastructure and related passenger and cargo services at airports, in order to support operational and business processes in and around airports.

Some of the current issues the AITSC is dealing with are: common use self-service devices for passengers, electronic kiosks and other means of information distribution; machine readable travel documents (MRTD); passenger and baggage security (in the context of airport automation); information exchange and interconnection of various non ACI entities.

The AITSC monitors developments in procedures, technologies and policy related to or that will impact Airport IT as well as discusses and examines functions of an airport that could benefit from automation. Also, the Standing Committee actively works to convey information to the airport community on all airport IT related issues, from practical and physical applications to new policy and guidelines.