Nina Brooks

  • Director, Security, Facilitation and IT
  • Nina Brooks

Nina Brooks is Director, Security, Facilitation and IT, at ACI World. In this role, she provides guidance and support to the airport community, represents airports interests with regulators, and encourages industry collaboration to identify improvements in passenger processes and the overall travel experience while promoting security at all touchpoints of the journey.  She has extensive experience in facilitation and security for both airlines and airports.

Nina has a degree in Computer Science, and started her career in the United Kingdom in IT, as a programmer, analyst and project manager.  Having caught the aviation bug, Nina worked on border and aviation security regulation and facilitation for Virgin Atlantic Airways in the Government Affairs Team. She moved to IATA in Canada in 2007, as Head of Security and Facilitation Projects, and also worked as Director, Borders and Security at InterVistas Consulting, prior to joining ACI in 2015.  Nina teaches Aviation Security at McGill University in Montreal.