Find an ACI employee

Employee name Title
Angela Gittens Director General
Antoine Rostworowski Deputy Director General, Programmes and Services
Danny Boutin Senior Manager, APEX Programmes
David Gamper Director, Safety, Technical and Legal Affairs
David Whitely Director, Communications
Dimitri Coll Associate Director, ASQ
Dominic TĂȘtu Financial Controller
Joanna Kufedjian Manager, Events and Member Services
John Webster Senior Manager, Global Training
Juliana Scavuzzi Senior Manager, Environment
Kevin Caron Director, Global Training and APEX Programmes
Michael Rossell Deputy Director General, External Affairs
Nathalie Herbelles Head, Security, ACI World
Nina Brooks Director, Security, Facilitation and IT
Patrick Lucas Head, Airport Business Analytics
Philippe Villard Head, Policy and Economics
Stefano Baronci Director, Economics

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