Safety Initiatives

ACI is constantly active in the field of standards and procedures for safe airport operations. We work with members under the remit of the ACI World Safety and Technical Standing Committee and ACI regional offices, to ensure that current safety issues are discussed within ACI. ACI views are then presented to ICAO as part of ACI’s advocacy role.

The safety and security of our air transport system is no accident: Throughout the history of flight, safety has been at the forefront of people's minds. While most people are aware that the industry is safe, those who do not work in aviation seldom know of the extraordinary lengths gone to by airports, airlines, pilots, aircraft manufacturers, air navigation service providers, etc to retain this good record and continually strive for improvement.

This dedication to safe operations is seen across the whole aviation sector. As regards to airports, the safety culture takes on many forms, including adoption of standard operating procedures, introduction of new methods and technologies and generally ensuring that safety is paramount throughout airport operations. The process of operating safely includes a broad range of factors, all of which ACI is actively involved in:

  • Airport design specifications
  • Standard operating procedures for airports
  • Technology, systems and equipment
  • Safety management systems for airports
  • Safety guidance material
  • Training

Runway Safety IKit

The Runway Safety Implementation Kit, compiled by ACI, ICAO and eleven partner organizations, contains valuable guidance material accumulated over many years, including ACI’s latest publication on the subject – the Runway Safety Handbook (1st edition, 2014). We suggest that airport staff charged with the promotion of runway safety use it as a resource, and recommend it be used by the local runway safety team(s) at your airport(s). If you do not yet have a runway safety team, we recommend that you start one as soon as possible. We would appreciate receiving the contact details of those in your organization responsible for runway safety – please send that to And if you have questions, it’s the same address. Click here

Safety Management System (SMS)

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requires that all aerodromes have a Safety Management System (SMS) in place within their organizations. View the various sections of a typical SMS and find out more on implementing an SMS at an aerodrome. click here

In addition please refer to the ACI Best Industry Practice SMS Gap Analysis and Audit Tool. click here

Working with ICAO

ACI is a member of the ICAO Aerodromes Panel which has five working groups: the Aerodrome Operations and Services Working Group, the Rescue and Fire-Fighting Working Group, the Aerodrome Design Working Group, the Visual Aids Working group and the Heliport Design Working Group. ACI contributes in depth to the Panel's work to maintain and improve the Standards and Recommended Practices contained in Annex 14 (Aerodromes), as well as the related ICAO Manuals. ACI is involved in other ICAO Panels whenever they deal with issues affecting airports and airport operators. ACI has contributed significantly to the ICAO Manual on Certification of Aerodromes, the Safety Management Manual and the Global Aviation Safety Roadmap.

ACI also works with IATA, the Flight Safety Foundation and other organizations such as CANSO and IFALPA on specific subject areas such as

  • Runway Safety Initiative
  • Airside Safety
  • Ground Handling Safety
  • Disabled Aircraft Recovery
  • Air Traffic Management
  • Maintenance and Inspection
  • Runway Friction
  • Visual Aids
  • Navigational Aids
  • Wildlife Management
  • and many other operational issues

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