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ACI Announces Recipients of the 2013 ASQ Awards

19 February 2014 (Montreal) – Airports Council International (ACI) is pleased to announce the recipients of the prestigious 2013 Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Awards. As the industry’s most comprehensive customer service benchmarking tool, the ACI ASQ survey reliably captures passengers’ immediate appraisal from check-in through departure at the gate at more than 285 airports.  These awards represent passengers’ views on 34 key service indicators and are an objective and accurate indicator of the top world-wide performing airports.

“As airports face the increasingly competitive and demanding aviation market, it is crucial to keep a focus on meeting and exceeding passenger expectations. Airport managers need factual intelligence to guide their efforts and optimize their investments. The ASQ Survey is a tool that provides data that enables airports to identify what their passengers value most and what the airport community needs to do to achieve excellence in customer service. The results over time demonstrate that airports are paying close attention to the feedback from their passengers and undertaking corrective action to improve the passenger experience,” said Angela Gittens, Director General ACI World.

The ASQ Awards are presented in four categories that include: Best Airport by Region, Best Airport by Size, Best Small Airport and Best Improvement.

“We can see that airport community leaders are continuously reviewing and enhancing their services. Airports work diligently to improve their performance by adopting customer focused strategies,” said Gittens.

Best Airport by Region (first place)
Cape Town (Africa), Seoul Incheon (Asia-Pacific), Moscow Sheremetyevo (Europe), Guayaquil (Latin America-Caribbean), Abu Dhabi (Middle East), Indianapolis (North America).

Best Airport by Size* (first place)
Changchun (2-5m), Haikou (5-15m), Seoul Gimpo (15-25m), Seoul Incheon (25-40m), Singapore (over 40m).
* Millions of Passengers Per year

Best Small* Airport by Region (first place)
Upington (Africa), Skopje (Europe), Quebec City (North America), Mazatlan (Latin America-Caribbean), Langkawi (Asia-Pacific).
* Fewer than 2 million passengers per year

Best Improvement by Region (first place)
East London (Africa), Kolkata (Asia-Pacific), Gothenburg (Europe), Nassau (Latin America-Caribbean), Amman (Middle East), San Antonio (North America).

ASQ 2013 Top Performers

1. Cape Town
2. Durban
3. Mauritius
4. Cairo
5. Johannesburg
1. Seoul Incheon
2. Singapore
3. Beijing
4. Shanghai Pudong
5. New Delhi
1. Moscow Sheremetyevo
2. Zurich
3. Porto
4. Keflavik
5. Malta
Latin America-Caribbean
1. Guayaquil
2. Cancun
3. Montego Bay
4. Nassau
5. Puerto Vallarta
Middle East
1. Abu Dhabi
2. Dubai
3. Doha
4. Tel Aviv
5. Amman
North America
1. Indianapolis
2. Ottawa
3. Tampa
4. Sacramento
5. Jacksonville
Latin America-Caribbean
North America
Quebec City
2-5 million passengers
1. Changchun
2. Guayaquil
3. Ottawa
4. Halifax
5. Grand Rapids
5-15 million passengers
1. Haikou
2. Hyderabad
3. Tianjin
4. Wuhan
5. Harbin
15-25 million passengers
1. Seoul Gimpo
2. Chongqing
3. Tampa
4. Salt Lake City
5. Zurich
25-40 million passengers
1. Seoul Incheon
2. New Delhi
3. Taipei Taoyuan
4. Shanghai Hongqiao
5. Mumbai
Over 40 million passengers
1. Singapore
2. Beijing
3. Shanghai Pudong
4. Hong Kong
5. Guangzhou
East London
Latin America-Caribbean
Middle East
North America
San Antonio

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Notes for editors:

  • Airports Council International (ACI) – the ‘Voice of the World’s Airports’ – is the only global trade representative of airports. The 592 members operate 1847 airports in 174 countries and territories. It is a non-profit organization whose prime purpose is to represent the interests of airports and to promote professional excellence in airport management and operations.
  • Airport Service Quality (ASQ) which has won industry recognition as a world class benchmarking programme, has grown steadily over the years. ASQ counts over 285 airports participating in the programme. Based on the cumulative results of individual ASQ passenger satisfaction surveys, which are completed every month of the year, the programme has been scientifically designed to ensure statistical accuracy. Programme features include regular quarterly performance reports and ASQ Forums for data review and best practice sharing. Survey results are treated on a confidential basis. The aim of the programme is to allow airports to plan improvements and benchmark their customer services against other airports. It is fair to say that all airports involved in the programme have placed a high priority on customer service, having voluntarily and independently decided to join the programme.
  • Some of the distinguishing features of the programme include:
    • Locally relevant. All airports are able to survey in their own, national language with the choice of over 30 other languages as well.
    • On-site airport surveying. Questionnaires are completed with responses from passengers interviewed on the day and at the gate so that their experience is current and immediate.
    • Consistent. Every airport uses the same questionnaire.
    • Statistically reliable. A minimum of 1,400 passengers per annum are interviewed at each airport.
    • Audited. Every year a number of airports are audited by the programme to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the data captured by survey administrators and the ACI management team.
    • Impartial. ASQ is not carried out via internet or e-mail, nor is it linked to any kind of prize or other incentive for the interviewees.
  • For more Information on ASQ please visit:
  • The awards ceremony for the 2013 top performers will take place at the 2014 ACI Asia Pacific/World Annual Congress and Exhibition 2014 that will take place in Seoul from 26-28 May.

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